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Heywire: Remote schools need PC help

Life Matters travelled to Parliament House in Canberra to host a one hour special for Heywire's Youth Summit. One of the big threads of Heywire for this year was education and accessing what you need when you need.


 2017-02-11  8m

Banking pay practices under the spotlight

Have you ever walked into a bank and been sold a product or service that you didn't really want?


 2017-02-11  14m

Modern Dilemmas: The vegetarian and the dugong - Do you sacrifice your beliefs for culture, ritual or ceremony?

The sharing of food has always been a part of celebration, and connecting with others. But what if your beliefs or diet are in contradiction to the meal?


 2017-02-09  15m

Setting financial goals and sticking to them

Learn the six golden rules to help you save for your next holiday.


 2017-02-09  8m

Keeping teachers in our schools

Why is the attrition rate among graduate teachers so high and what impact is it having on students?


 2017-02-09  21m

Leave that office you fool

Andrew McGregor was sick of a culture that thinks staying late in the office is OK, so he posted his thoughts on social media. The post went viral! It's been read by more than two million people. What did Andrew say?


 2017-02-08  8m

Burning Questions

Why do some people bruise easily and when should you worry about it? Should you wake a sleepwalker? Can you smell if food is off?


 2017-02-08  5m

Making safe choices when it comes to alternative therapies

How can patients and doctors make sound decisions about complementary medicines when it comes to life threatening illnesses?


 2017-02-08  15m

An Illness in the Family: part two

A doctor's journey into the lives of families living with serious illness.


 2017-02-08  18m

Heywire in Canberra

Some of the best young thinkers and shakers from their communities in regional Australia came together to discuss access to education, cultural chasms, support for mental illness, and tolerance for diversity.


 2017-02-07  54m