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Farmers vs coal mines - the tragic story of George Bender

There is a battle going on in rural Australia between farmers and miners. Coal seam gas plants are springing up in pastures which usually grow cattle, cotton and grain. For Queensland cotton farmer George Bender this battle came at the cost of his life.


 2016-04-08  21m

Will we ever be rid of common viruses like the flu?

Will we ever be rid of common viruses like the flu?


 2016-04-08  23m

The first 'plus size' male models

The first 'plus-size' male models are now being hired. But as the average Australian man weighs over 85kg, are they simply normal-sized blokes?


 2016-04-07  9m

Less childcare hours for non-working parents

Do disadvantaged children need more, not less, hours of subsidized childcare?


 2016-04-07  16m

Female, forty, seeks flatmate

More and more people in middle and older age-groups are seeking share accommodation.


 2016-04-07  24m

The greening of the Rockefellers

In 2014, the US $850 million Rockefeller Brothers Fund surprised the world by announcing it would no longer invest in fossil fuels. For a family fortune built on oil and gas, this was a major philosophical shift.


 2016-04-06  10m

Was 'The Father of Australia" , Lachlan Macquarie, complicit in a mass murder?

When Governor Lachlan Macquarie ordered his soldiers to "strike terror" into a group of aboriginal people at Appin, south of Sydney in 1816, was he breaking his own laws? The brutal killing of at least 14 aboriginal men, women and children, many of whom


 2016-04-06  43m

Fatma Elzein's charity phenomenon: "Mummies Paying It Forward"

Meet Fatma Elzein, a mother of four and a nurse who is the brains behind the charity phenomenon "Mummies Paying It Forward".


 2016-04-05  14m

Scuttle, slither, swat - hidden housemates in our home - a zoo of mini-beasts

Hundreds of species of insects and other terrestrial arthropods are living at your place....right now!


 2016-04-05  12m

The time to grieve

When people have lost a loved one, how do you draw the line between intense sadness and depression, requiring medical intervention?


 2016-04-05  10m