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Why women love to run

Running has benefits that go beyond pure fitness.


 2016-03-13  15m

Gloria Steinem's unusual childhood

Gloria Steinem has opened up about her peripatetic childhood in her new book My Life on the Road.


 2016-03-13  22m

Donald Trump's early life

The man likely to become the Republican nominee in the U.S Presidential race was one of five children, and displayed a pugnacious character from early childhood.


 2016-03-10  16m

The Australian letters to Otto Frank

For decades after the publication of The Diary of Anne Frank, teenagers around the world wrote to her father Otto, the sole surviving member of "the Annex". Among them were five Australian girls.


 2016-03-10  16m

Do you get what you pay for in private rehab?

Addicts desperate to wean themselves off drugs or alcohol are increasingly turning to private rehabilitation providers. But at around $30 000 a month, they are expensive, and there's an increasing concern that the sector isn't well regulated.


 2016-03-10  19m

The spectrum of genius

Melbourne’s Festival of Live Art is presenting a theatre performance where you have the opportunity to meet six young geniuses all with a different area of expertise.


 2016-03-09  13m

Can you hide online?

The extent to which every moment of our waking lives is being harvested for online data and information about us is mind boggling. Most are probably unaware or unconcerned but many people are increasingly disturbed by it, and some are prepared to go to g


 2016-03-09  15m

Invest early in children rather than play catch-up

One in five Australian children have developmental deficits. So is a universal pre-school program a key way to reduce the number of children starting school already on the back foot?


 2016-03-09  20m

Chopper cook in remote Northern Territory

What does it take to feed a pack of hungry helicopter pilots in the outback?


 2016-03-08  7m

'Take your noisy child and move out': living in an apartment with a family.

Australian families are changing the way they are living: less McMansions and more apartment blocks. This means more noise for your neighbour.


 2016-03-08  17m