Life's a Pitch Podcast

Life's a Pitch brings together bizarre, strange and ultimately un-makeable film ideas and pitches for your enjoyment! Every week our two hosts, Matt and Tom, are given a ridiculous film title to improvise a film plot out of. Will it be utter rubbish? Or will it the defining creative work of a generation? Only time will tell! Do you like the show? Want to help it continue to improve and evolve? Want to get extra content? Support us at:

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Deleted Scenes: Fuck That One Guy In Particular

The conspiracies continue, whilst Tom and Matt ta…


 2020-07-07  33m

Episode 281: Run From The Postmen

This week we tackle the complicated genre of Cons…


 2020-07-04  48m

Deleted Scenes: HIDDEN EGG

We pitch a whole guerrilla marketing campaign abo…


 2020-06-30  30m

Episode 280: Ad Men

This week Matt and Tom decide to go a little off …


 2020-06-27  37m

Deleted Scenes: Lin Manuel's Dark Secret

We pitch a disturbing sports-based history of naz…


 2020-06-22  36m

Episode 279: I Have Chronic Ass Shaking Disease

This is a war movie. Let that sink in. Okay, now…


 2020-06-19  41m

Deleted Scenes: Every 90's Nostalgia Podcast At Once (with Dave Bulmer)

This week, we got Dave started on how things were…


 2020-06-16  25m

Episode 278: The Shower Of Gold (With Dave Bulmer)

This week we were joined by Dave Bulmer in order …


 2020-06-12  57m

Deleted Scenes: Tom Hardy, the Real-life Robotnik

Continuing our streak of movies based on song tit…


 2020-06-09  41m

Episode 277: Video Killed The Radio Star

This week we pitched movies based on song titles,…


 2020-06-06  58m