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Life's a Pitch brings together bizarre, strange and ultimately un-makeable film ideas and pitches for your enjoyment! Every week our two hosts, Matt and Tom, are given a ridiculous film title to improvise a film plot out of. Will it be utter rubbish? Or will it the defining creative work of a generation? Only time will tell! Do you like the show? Want to help it continue to improve and evolve? Want to get extra content? Support us at:

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Deleted Scenes: 20 Barrels Of Lemons To Spare

This week we pitch another treasure hunting pirat…


 2020-05-27  29m

Episode 275: I Have Tapeworm

This week, we're pitching pirate movies! Not that…


 2020-05-23  51m

Deleted Scenes: We'll Always Have The Bayou

Deleted Scenes: We'll Always Have The Bayou by Ma…


 2020-05-19  20m

Episode 274: Astronauts At Law (With Rosemary Margarella)

This episode was brought to you by our patrons, w…


 2020-05-16  56m

Deleted Scenes: Is Space Jam An Animal Movie?

This week, we question the difference between Ani…


 2020-05-12  15m

Episode 273: President Cat

This week we are back with some very strange anim…


 2020-05-08  44m

Deleted Scenes: Attack Of The Fifty-Foot Christian From Midsommar

We discuss a pressing moral quandry, who's worse,…


 2020-05-04  25m

Episode 272: The Horror Of Colossus Bay

This week we pitched a bunch of really cool monst…


 2020-05-02  38m

Deleted Scenes: The Criminal Record Player

We talk with Bret about terrible alternate univer…


 2020-04-28  18m

Episode 271: Sticky (With Bret MW)

This week we pitched crime movies, and came up wi…


 2020-04-24  45m