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Life's a Pitch brings together bizarre, strange and ultimately un-makeable film ideas and pitches for your enjoyment! Every week our two hosts, Matt and Tom, are given a ridiculous film title to improvise a film plot out of. Will it be utter rubbish? Or will it the defining creative work of a generation? Only time will tell! Do you like the show? Want to help it continue to improve and evolve? Want to get extra content? Support us at:

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Deleted Scenes: Lilo And Stitch And 9/11 (With Ryan Boulter)

In this weeks deleted scenes from episode 115 we …


 2017-05-08  24m

Episode 115: Kingdom Of Ages (With Ryan Boulter)

Our "resident historian" Ryan Boulter joins us th…


 2017-05-03  51m

Deleted Scenes: Stupid Einstein (With Brent Black)

In this weeks deleted scenes a scientist clones E…


 2017-05-01  20m

Episode 114: The Bits Between These Bytes (With Brent Black)

We pitch some awesome Sci-Fi films this week with…


 2017-04-26  56m

Deleted Scenes: Keith Chegwin is Johnny Google! (With Jasmin Mar)

Ever wanted a detective where he just googles who…


 2017-04-24  43m

Episode 113: The Void Between These Hollow Spaces (With Jasmin Mar)

What is a mystery film? Is the question we're ask…


 2017-04-19  47m

Deleted Scenes: Forget Your Cucumbers! (With Jed Whitaker) WARNING - NSFW

Here's the filthy Deleted Scenes for our Erotica …


 2017-04-17  27m

Episode 112: The Knuckle Cracker (With Jed Whitaker) WARNING - NSFW

WARNING!! If this is your first episode, probably…


 2017-04-12  48m

Deleted Scenes: Matt Turner and Hooch (With Dave Bulmer)

On this weeks deleted scenes we discuss our most …


 2017-04-10  32m

Episode 111: Friend-Ship (With Dave Bulmer)

In this episode we're joined by our buddy Dave Bu…


 2017-04-05  47m