Life with Collective Purpose

This is the podcast about YOU discovering your life with collective purpose. Be inspired by our guests that share how they found their joyful, purposeful life. Learn how you too can overcome any trauma and live a life with no regrets. The host, Julie Ann, is a book publisher that has helped over 300 authors to unlock their gift and purpose by sharing their knowledge and wisdom through the written word. If you need some inspiration to look at your life and understand what has brought you joy and how you have helped people with your experiences, listen in to our show every week. Join our family as we share our stories and make connections that will help you to live a life with collective purpose!

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episode 36: The Power in Aging

Our guests Christine and Melanie share how they found a gift in aging, and how they share that with the world. They discuss how aging can be powerful and there is also a grief process as we age and realize our goals and dreams have changed. There is so much power in community and coming together as a group in their Power in Aging coaching and online speaker events, supporting each other with wisdom, shared experiences and stories...


 2022-12-02  21m

episode 35: The Abundance Journey

Elaine offers an incredible perspective about ABUNDANCE and how her life changed after having a stroke in 2005 during which, she had a conversation with our Higher Power...


 2022-11-18  39m

episode 34: Embracing the Divine Feminine: Why it's so Important to Collectively Share our Stories.

Embracing the Divine Feminine is a better way to live and work collectively in the world today. Laurin explains why it is so important for women to share our stories of consciously cultivating the Feminine and how to deal with the Toxic Masculine. Laurin is calling for contributors to her upcoming collaborative book which shares stories of how women are expressing the Divine Feminine in their life...


 2022-11-04  25m

episode 33: The Magnetic Voice

Today's guest, Monique McDonald is a grammy nominated award winning vocal specialist and a certified conscious transformational coach. Julie and Monique discuss the difference between writing and speaking and how to engage the audience in both ways. Monique believes that our voice is a reflection of our life experience, and just like your thumbprint, each voice has its own identity, sound, and quality based on past trauma and how we processed it...


 2022-10-28  23m

episode 32: Trusting Your Intuition

Today's guest is a business intuitive and has the unique ability to help business owners learn to use their intuition, or use hers, to direct their business. Ronnie Ryan uses her gifts as an intuitive to help entrepreneurs and together Julie and Ronnie dive deep into the topic of intuition, spirit guides, and channeling, and how you can use these gifts to grow your business...


 2022-10-21  23m

episode 31: Moving to Oneness

Julie and her guest Meilin enjoy a very juicy conversation about how to create your life on an energetic level and manifesting who we are, and what we are in the world. They dig into the topic of how one generation can influence and guide the next generation and how to live without the constraints of time and what the world considers, "possible". Julie also reveals the new name of her podcast and the rebranding that is coming soon!


 2022-10-14  35m

episode 30: A Fresh Look at Marketing for the Conscious Entrepreneur

Join Julie Ann as she dives into a look at a fresher, more interactive way of marketing with her guest Julia Vitality, a digital PR Strategist. Julia's unique approach to marketing includes radio and speaking opportunities, and offers training as part of her marketing program. She is also gifting each listener with a PR Strategy call which can be booked by going to her website at


 2022-09-16  21m

episode 29: The Responsibility of Influence

Julie Ann examines the topic of the responsibility one has as an influencer and the importance of being discerning when choosing a trainer or mentor in your life. She shares her heart for inviting only trustworthy influencers to train at her new House of Influence. (Casa de Influencia) She also puts a call out to those interested in training and operating retreats at her unique and beautiful retreat center.


 2022-08-26  12m

episode 28: Happy Birthday Azukar

Julie Ann dedicates this special episode to her beloved Azukar on his birthday. Azukar passed on almost 1 year ago and so much has happened since then. Join Julie as she speaks from the heart about Azukar and how he continues to be present in her life with the development of the retreat centre; Casa de Influencia, which was their dream.


 2022-08-05  31m

episode 27: Living Life to the Fullest

Julie met Sally and Kelly at Podapalooza in June and together they have a stimulating conversation covering multiple topics that all blend into how to help others in the world. The topics range from a live example of unblocking things in our lives that stop us from shining fully, to how to love ourselves by starting with loving the small things in an honest and open way.


 2022-07-22  22m