Active Pause ®

It takes a mindful pause to reboot ourselves, That is, to shift from ‘mindless’ autopilot to proactive engagement with life. The ‘Active Pause’ podcast explores creative approaches to being thoughtful, mindful and emotionally attuned.



      What is your experience of mindfulness?

      One way to describe the Active Pause project is to say it’s about the variety of mindfulness experiences. Not just in the sense of describing different experiences, different ways of practicing mindfulness or different understandings of mindfulness. It is about each of us reflecting on what mindfulness means to us: What we’re looking for… What we’re trying to accomplish, or trying to be, when we have the intention to be mindful… The following video is a Live ...


       2018-04-08  17m

      Abhijit Naskar: A different take on meditation

      We all agree that meditation is very important, but it need not be  done in what is traditionally considered meditation. In this conversation, we talk about finding ways we can develop our ability to be in a mindful state of flow.
      This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only (see below), and a printable PDF transcript.

      Audio only:

      Abhijit Naskar is the author of several books that explore how a basic awareness of the brain can ...


       2018-03-13  30m

      Being human, today, moment by moment

      In this brief conversation with Monica Gomez Galaz, we touch upon what it’s like to be human, in a down-to-earth way, moment by moment, as we are in touch with our vulnerabilities.

      Audio only:

      Monica is a Focusing coordinator in Mexico City. She says: I have been Focusing for the last eight years and became a Certified Coordinartor on 2012. I did a big shift in My life in 2008 after working in the financial arena for 15 years and opened my own Coaching firm...


       2018-01-24  2m

      Rae Johnson about sexual harassment as abuse of power

      This conversation with Rae Johnson was inspired by the recent spate of accusations of sexual harassment. We talk about it as not about sex and gender, but about power. The conversation is also available as a  printable PDF transcript.

      Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT is a somatic scholar/practitioner working at the intersection of embodiment studies and social justice. Key themes in their work include the embodied experience of oppression, somatic approaches to research, and the poetic bo...

      this episode is not available


       2017-12-20  45m

      Conversation with Stephen Batchelor about his journey & Buddhism

      This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only (below video).

      Audio only:

      Stephen Batchelor is a writer, translator, teacher and artist. Born in 1953, he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at the age of twenty and spent ten years training in the Tibetan Geluk and Korean Sŏn orders. In 2015 he co-founded Bodhi College, a European educational project dedicated to the understanding and application of early Buddhism. He is the author of the ...


       2017-11-16  40m

      Sarah Peyton talks about transforming the way we relate to ourselves

      In this conversation, Sarah Peyton shares practical advice on how we can improve the way we relate to ourselves, grounded in an understanding of the underlying brain functions.
      This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only (see below).

      Audio only:

      Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication, teaches people how language changes relationship and the brain. She works with audiences internationally to create a...


       2017-10-22  34m

      The human condition: Being human, just human

      Transcript of the above recording:
      So, just human… Just human… So, for me that is in contrast to those times when we talk about something transcendent, something like religious ideas, ideologies, and something out there that gives meaning… Whereas — just human — we are at the center of meaning [as something essentially subjective].
      So, just human… Just human… As we focus on the experience, this experience is also going to be something...


       2017-09-19  4m

      Linda Ciotola about the Mindful Witness role

      Linda Ciotola talks about a mindfulness approach the she practices and teaches: the Mindful Witness role. This conversation is available as a podcast and as a printable PDF transcript.
      See also self-coach-tool for this practice (and its printable PDF): Practices: Mindful Witness.

      Linda Ciotola is a Certified TEP: trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and sociometry; and an accredited Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Spiral Model ™ of psyc...


       2017-08-01  24m

      Kristen Ulmer: Extreme skier tells us to shift into fear

      Once hailed as the best extreme skier in the world, Kristen Ulmer has come to value fear. She has learned that fear is not here to cause us problems. In fact, the only true issue we face with fear is our misguided reaction to it (not the fear itself). So we need to rebuild our understanding of fear from the ground up.

      Here is a one-minute summary:

      Here is the full conversation (37′):

      Below: audio only:

      Kristen Ulmer is a...


       2017-06-19  36m

      Kathy McGuire: How to listen in a deeper way

      Originally, I had contacted Kathy McGuire to interview her on the topic of empathy. As we talked about what this might entail, we decided to practice what we preach: We did not rush into doing the interview, and we took time to process what we wanted to accomplish through this project. As a result, the project evolved into a series of short videos illustrating various kinds of listening and empathy.

      We structured this demo into a sequence of videos. Through them, we would like...


       2017-06-02  1h8m