Active Pause & Mindfulness

Inspiring short talks & stimulating conversations about mindfulness, meaning & purpose.

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Merete Holm Brantbjerg: A gentle exploration of stress

In this conversation with Merete Holm Brantbjerg, we explore experientially what happens in our body when we get stressed. See PDF transcript of this conversation. Merete Holm Brantbjerg developed Relational Trauma Therapy,



Harbert Rice: How a felt sense functions in a group

In this conversation, you will learn how a felt sense functions in a Quaker Meeting’s gathering circle. Harbert describes how his work with Gendlin’s philosophy and Quaker practice came about in a Quaker meditation as a felt sense to map Quaker languag...



Victoria Ramos: Dance with the Divinity which is you (a guided meditation)

“In this guided meditation, I will share with you how you can experience each breath as a gift from the Divine. The tradition is Shavism Trantric Yoga, and just my own yoga physical practice. But yes the origins are Yogic.



Deb Dana: How the nervous system affects our daily life

The nervous system is where our experience begins. In this conversation, Deb Dana describes how it works and how it affects our daily life. There is a PDF transcript of this conversation. Deb Dana, LCSW, specializes in treating complex traumatic stress...


 2020-07-01  28m

Faith as a human experience

Here, I am not talking about faith in God or in religious beliefs. I am talking about the human capacity for the experience of faith. See audio recording at the bottom of the page. When you hear the word faith,


 2020-05-16  10m

Stephen Porges: Finding meaning in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis

In this 3-minute video, Stephen Porges talks about finding meaning in these difficult times: “Perhaps this challenging period is directing us to what our real goal in life is. And that is to relate to others, to connect.” See PDF transcript).


 2020-04-16  3m

Connecting during COVID-19 : Reach In & Reach Out

During these difficult times, you can help other people, and help yourself, by reaching out. In this 4-minute video, Stephen Porges talks about listening and connecting. See also PDF transcript and ????PDF.


 2020-04-01  4m

Greg Cootsona: Finding Grace, Finding Space

In this conversation, we explore the notion of grace. We talk about it from a spiritual perspective: the Christian spiritual tradition which is Greg’s anchor, as well as other spiritual traditions. We also explore down-to-earth experiences,


 2020-04-01  30m

Active Listening: How to compensate for social distancing

With the pandemic, we have to avoid unnecessary contact. So we need to make the most of what little contact we have: When you can’t go broad, go deep. This is the spirit in which I describe an approach called Active Listening,


 2020-03-16  7m

Washing hands as a mindful practice

This 4-minute talk suggests a way to approach washing hands for the coronavirus as a mindful practice. See the transcript below the video. Edited transcript: The Coronavirus advisories have been warning us how important it is to wash our hands often,


 2020-03-11  4m