Lift As You Climb

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked “Who Am I Now”? As Baby Boomers, we’ve been so busy ‘adulting’ and keeping up with expectations for decades, it is not surprising that we lose touch with ourselves as we evolve and change over time. Growth, transformation, and reinvention with a purpose and a plan are essential to a fulfilled life. Each Wednesday, Isabel Alexander, self-proclaimed Mistress of Reinvention, unpacks her personal evolution system, Lift As You Climb, and engages guests to share their Ah-Ha moments of recognizing their evolved, authentic selves. Be inspired by others who embrace “This is who I am now!” and choose who they want to become next as they love their life and live their legacy. This podcast celebrates Identity, Influence and Impact at every age and every stage of life!

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episode 61: Marion Hook - Sewing for a Living

A tapestry of connections

It all began with a single ball of yarn that got tied to the passion of a small but tight knit group of Rotarians, both locals and expatriates, living in Bali.

An idea to help women earn money while they fulfilled all their cultural and traditional duties, was stitched together and has become a sustainable economic blanket with ties stretching now to multiple continents...



episode 60: Purpose Passion Pajamas with Genevieve Piturro

What do Genevieve Piturro, Mary Tyler Moore, and Oprah Winfrey have in common?

Aside from impeccable fashion style and passion for great shoes, each of these current day icons pushed through personal and professional challenges and past stereotypes, to change status quo and leave enduring, positive impact on many lives.

As a successful TV marketing exec, until an inner voice challenged her focus, Ms...



episode 59: How To Create Impact From Your Passion - Season 3 Announcement

How to create impact from your passion

I didn’t coin the expression Lift As You Climb but it has become the cornerstone of my thinking and how I want to show up in the world.

I believe what Robert Ingersoll said, “We Rise By Lifting Others” and this is a passion that resonates deeply.

I am so passionate about this value pillar that I was drawn to make it my purpose and share it with as many others as I could...



episode 58: How To Make Next Year Your Best Year

Wondering how to make next year your best year? 

Is it even possible to live, love, and create even more than you’ve already experienced?

Do you secretly worry that you’ve peaked, and the rest of your life will be a disappointing rerun of your past, watched from the sidelines?

Wondering if it’s too late to change how you are remembered or how you made a positive difference in other people’s lives?

Are you struggling with coming up with ideas that stir passion and...


 2022-12-21  12m

episode 57: How Your Brain Helps You To Achieve Your Vision

On a flight from Canada to Dubai, to celebrate an early Christmas with my daughter, I started listening to the Audible version of Ed Mylett’s book; The Power of One More,  

I was intrigued by his confidence that we can use a part of our own brains, known as our Reticular Activating System - for ease of conversation, known as our RAS - to fulfill the vision we have for our life...


 2022-12-14  13m

episode 56: Create a Powerful Personal Mantra

A mantra, word, phrase, or hashtag for your vision board and or growth stage of your life, is very powerful reminder of your intention of how you want to feel and what your desired outcome is.

Each time I start a new Visual Encore Plan, I choose a word or phrase as an anchor to the vision I am creating for my future, and outcome I desire.

Sometimes, I have to work a little harder to choose the perfect mantra...


 2022-12-07  16m

episode 55: Values and Purpose

Your values guide you throughout your life, and are reflected in how you live, love, work, and play.

We begin to calibrate our values compass at a young age, and continue to refine it as we experience life, and as we age.

Like a barometer, our gut notifies us when we are true to our values, and when we are not...


 2022-11-30  11m

episode 10: Gratitude - Remastered

Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving

Giving = Generosity + Sharing

Sharing = Lifting + Climbing

Climbing = Capable + Empowered

Empowered = Creation + Expansion

Expansion = Growth + Opportunity

Opportunity = Abundance + Gratitude

Gratitude is not limited to specific dates, events, or traditions.

Gratitude works 365 and 7/24.

Gratitude is diverse and inclusive.

Gratitude is for all to show and receive...


 2022-11-23  33m

episode 54: Are You Too Old To Reinvent

When is old too old? When are you too old to reinvent? What age is the right age to stop being curious, passionate, evolving? What age do you look like? Act like? Want to be? In conversation with a dear friend who I hadn’t seen face to face for 10 years, she exclaimed: “Isabel, you haven’t changed a bit...


 2022-11-16  9m

episode 53: Eclipse with Woman In The Moon

Perhaps it’s because I’m older – in what some call the second half or the final third of my life, I was inspired to get out of bed at 3:30 am, bundle up against a chilly, damp November pre-morning and hurry outside to find a viewing spot for the total lunar eclipse – dubbed the blood beaver moon. This spectacular celestial event will not occur again until November 2025...


 2022-11-09  9m