Lift As You Climb

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked “Who Am I Now”? As Baby Boomers, we’ve been so busy ‘adulting’ and keeping up with expectations for decades, it is not surprising that we lose touch with ourselves as we evolve and change over time. Growth, transformation, and reinvention with a purpose and a plan are essential to a fulfilled life. Each Wednesday, Isabel Alexander, self-proclaimed Mistress of Reinvention, unpacks her personal evolution system, Lift As You Climb, and engages guests to share their Ah-Ha moments of recognizing their evolved, authentic selves. Be inspired by others who embrace “This is who I am now!” and choose who they want to become next as they love their life and live their legacy. This podcast celebrates Identity, Influence and Impact at every age and every stage of life!

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episode 105: Outsourcing Success: Building a High-Performing Team Beyond Borders | LAYC 105

In this episode, Tobe Brockner, founder of Katuva, shares valuable insights on building a successful virtual team for entrepreneurs. Topics covered include:

1. Managing Differences: Tobe discusses how Katuva addresses timezone, cultural, and currency differences, emphasizing the importance of minimizing fees and optimizing payment platforms.



 March 2, 2024  25m

episode 104: Designing Your Life: The Power of Choice | LAYC 104

In Episode 104, we explore the profound concept of designing your life and unlocking the freedom to live on your terms. Tobe Brockner, founder of Katuva, emphasizes the importance of choice in shaping our work and personal lives. The episode touches upon the challenge of giving oneself permission to break away from traditional norms and adopt a more flexible and intentional approach...


 February 28, 2024  20m

episode 103: The Mindset Shift: Building a Business for Time Freedom

In Episode 103 of the Lift As You Climb Podcast,we engage in a conversation with Tobe Brockner, Founder of Katuva, exploring the paradigm shift that shaped Tobe's journey towards time freedom and autonomy.

Key Highlights:

**Empower Plus Program:** Tobe emphasizes the reciprocal nature of empowerment, creating a symbiotic relationship between personal and collective success...


 February 24, 2024  18m

episode 102: From Chaos to Clarity: The Katuva Success Model

Join us in Episode 102 of the Lift as You Climb Podcast as we delve into the Katuva Success Model, demystifying the process of matching entrepreneurs with the perfect virtual assistants. From recruitment strategies to personality-based matching, discover the keys to transforming chaos into clarity in your business journey...


 February 21, 2024  16m

episode 101: Unlocking Time Freedom with Virtual Assistants

Join us in this episode as we explore the world of virtual assistants with Tobe Brockner, Founder of Katuva Inc. Delve into the reasons, dos, and don'ts of having a virtual assistant, backed by real experiences. Discover the unique approach of Katuva in matching entrepreneurs with the right VAs, and the transformative impact on achieving time freedom...


 February 17, 2024  21m

episode 100: 365 Days, 36,000 air miles and more | LAYC 100

Welcome back to the Lift As You Climb podcast! In this special 100th episode, Isabel Alexander reflects on an incredible year filled with growth, adventure, and celebration. Join the journey as Isabel shares insights, experiences, and exciting plans for the upcoming year.


- Milestones: Isabel celebrates reaching the 100th episode of the podcast and expresses gratitude for the incredible support from the audience...


 December 31, 2023  11m

episode 99: Strategic Plan Celebration | LAYC 99

Welcome to Episode 99 of the Lift As You Climb podcast with Isabel Alexander. In this episode, Isabel reflects on the past five or six episodes dedicated to strategic planning. She shares personal examples of the results, experiences, and memorable moments from implementing strategic planning in her business journey.

**Key Points:**



 December 30, 2023  14m

episode 98: Strategic Accountability - An Inside Job | LAYC 98

In this insightful episode, Isabel Alexander continues her exploration of strategic planning, focusing on the vital element of accountability. She underscores the transformative power of accountability as an intrinsic, internalized commitment to achieving results. Drawing from her own experiences and coaching insights, Isabel challenges the conventional notion of being held accountable by others, emphasizing that true accountability is a self-driven, results-oriented endeavor...


 December 27, 2023  19m

episode 97: Strategic Plan - Minimize Grit, Gruel, and Grind | LAYC 97

Welcome back to the Strategic Planning series with Isabel Alexander. In this episode, Isabel delves into the crucial steps of creating a realistic strategic plan that goes beyond collecting dust. Join her journey as she breaks down the process, offering valuable insights and a modified methodology.

Show Notes:

1. SWOT Analysis:

   - Explore your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats...


 December 23, 2023  14m

episode 96: Strategic Planning - Right Sized, Intentional Results | LAYC 96

Isabel Alexander delves deeper into the mini-series on strategic planning, providing timeless insights applicable year-round. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, Isabel shares wisdom gained from over 50 years in business.

1. The Importance of Strategic Planning:

   - Small to medium-sized businesses and solopreneurs must prioritize strategic planning...


 December 20, 2023  13m