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A NBA podcast by two SB Nation employees that think way too much about basketball.



      episode 160: The Warriors are winning 75 games and other bold (dumb) predictions

      After 30 episodes diving into each NBA team, Mike and Ben fly solo to make their own predictions, including Mike's bold Warriors call, which West team gets the 2 seed, who makes the playoffs from 5-8, which team will tank most blatantly, how many games does Joel Embiid need to play for the 76ers to make the playoffs, the Celtics vs. Cavs, Wizards talk, MVP, and more.



      episode 159: Warriors fans have the ultimate set of first-world problems

      How do you talk about a team that seems a near-certainty to win it all? We went all over the place on this Warriors preview with good friend Bram Kincheloe of Golden State of Mind.

      Among the topics:

      Are Warriors fans more confident or even more confident after the flurry of activity this summer?Who actually poses the greatest danger to the Warriors, whatever level it is?How do Warriors fans process expectation-setting when they are such overwhelming favorites? Is there an odd...



      episode 158: Same old Spurs? Kinda, but not exactly

      The Spurs looked like they'd make a big splash this summer. Instead, they've brought the band back together, including a surprise contract extension for LaMarcus Aldridge. Are Spurs fans worried, or has the team bought itself enough goodwill.

      We brought on J.R. Wilco and Bruno Passos of SB Nation Spurs site Pounding the Rock to discuss the following:

      INSTANT REACTION to LaMarcus Aldridge's new 3-year, $72.3 million extension. And we do mean instant, because we began recording...



      episode 157: You knew the Rockets wouldn't sit out an NBA arms race

      Last year's Rockets were fun. Then, they got Chris Paul and demolished their supporting cast to build a new one around Paul and Harden. Never say Daryl Morey sits on his laurels.

      We brought on Ethan Rothstein and Jeremy Brener of SB Nation's Rockets site The Dream Shake to discuss the following:

      How stunned were they when the Chris Paul trade happened? Why is this different than previous Rockets alpha dog experiments that didn't go quite as well?Can they name every non-guaranteed...



      episode 156: These Celtics are barely recognizable

      The Celtics had the East's best record last year, then promptly turned over more than two thirds of their roster. What's left is a new superteam built around Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford, but also one with youth waiting in the wings and a whole lot of uncertainty for how this is going to work.

      To help us make sense of the madness, we brought on senior writer Paul Flannery and Celtics Blog contributor/CLNS Radio founder Nick Gelso to talk through the...



      episode 155: The key to the Clippers' season? Send Blake Griffin highlight videos

      It's a new era for the Clippers ... kinda. Chris Paul is gone, but the Clippers didn't exactly blow the team up in his absence. Instead, we've got this funky roster surrounding Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and coach Doc Rivers.

      To make sense of it, we invited former Clippers video coordinator Mo Dakhil and Clips Nation editor Lucas Hann to discuss the following:

      Was it time for the CP3 era to end? How will his tenure in L.A. be viewed in the future?Did the Clippers make the...



      episode 154: What on (flat) earth was that Cavaliers offseason?

      (Sorry, had to).

      Wow, that was an eventful offseason in Cleveland. It feels like last decade that David Griffin was let go and Kyrie Irving was still in town. To help us, Fear the Sword's Chris Manning and MMA Hour super producer (and massive Cavs fan) Eric Jackman jumped on to dissect the following:

      So uh, how do Cavs fans feel about Kyrie Irving now? Should we have seen his trade demand coming?Pretty sweet return for a dude that wanted out, though, right? How will Isaiah Thomas...



      episode 153: The Raptors are who they are. Is that what their fans want?

      The Toronto Raptors faced a crossroads this summer and decided to bring the band back together, for the most part. Now, they seem stuck in pretty good land. Is that OK? Our two panelists disagree, and it makes for a fun conversation.

      Daniel Reynolds, the editor in chief of Raptors HQ, and Seerat Sohi, a terrific freelance writer based in Toronto, join the show to discuss the following:

      Was this year the time to blow it up, or did Masai Ujiri's handling of the Kyle Lowry and Serge...



      episode 152: The Utah Jazz are a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book

      The sudden loss of Gordon Hayward has turned the Jazz into one of the NBA's mystery teams. How will they replace their franchise player? Can they still succeed with a deep, defensive-oriented roster surrounding Rudy Gobert? Will they actually stay healthy this year?

      We brought on Mychal Lowman and James Hansen from SLC Dunk and the SLC Punks podcast to discuss the following:

      Why did Hayward's departure sting so much for fans? How have views changed over the last three months?...



      episode 151: Are the Washington Wizards the rock or the pebble?

      It's the Wizards! Last year was pretty cool! Can they build on it, or is this another flash in the pan? We brought on Sports Illustrated's Andrew Sharp and Bullets Forever's Michael Sykes to join Wizards fan Mike Prada and co-host Ben Epstein to preview The Season After the Season.

      Featuring some big picture talk about expectations and the team's place in the league (including the terrible Prada analogy that led to this title), contention windows, the value of continuity, John Wall...