Limited Upside

A NBA podcast by two SB Nation employees that think way too much about basketball.



      episode 169: Victor Oladipo mania is SWEEPING Indiana

      The Pacers are thriving and Paul George's Thunder are struggling. Who saw that coming? With George's return to Indiana on the horizon, we dialed up SB Nation NBA assistant editor Whitney Medworth and Indy Cornrows writer Caitlin Cooper. Topics include:

      A series of mea culpas for our doomsday preseason predictions.Why Victor Oladipo has emerged and why the city has bought into him so quickly.Other reasons the Pacers have overachieved.From afar, do George's struggles and the Thunder's in...



      episode 168: We reveal our unpopular NBA opinions. What's yours?

      What is your unpopular NBA opinion? This week, NBA writers Tim Cato and Kristian Winfield join the show as we each argue a HOT TAKE we (kinda) believe. Including:

      -Mike on why the Rockets and Warriors are equals

      -Kristian on why the Spurs are gonna be the toughest team in the West by the end

      -Ben on why the Celtics won't even make the conference finals.

      -Tim on why the Timberwolves will miss the playoffs

      Plus, we read off and rate your unpopular...



      episode 167: Who makes the NBA All-Star Game if the season ended today?

      Ben and Mike run through their early picks for the 12 All-Star slots in each conference, including a bold pick from Mike for the second West guard spot and a spirited discussion about whether Ben Simmons deserves consideration for a starter spot. Yes, starter.



      episode 166: Let's geek out about early-season NBA Xs and Os trends

      Former Clippers and Spurs video coordinator Mo Dakhil, Basketball Dictionary editor and onetime D-League assistant coach Dylan Murphy, and former Nets assistant coach Steve Jones join Mike for a super in-depth discussion about some key league-wide Xs and Os trends they've noticed from the first month of the season.

      We chat about the rise of defensive switching and whether teams need to practice it more, how to attack dynamic defensive teams like the Celtics that can switch at every...



      episode 165: The NBA players we irrationally (and sometimes rationally) love

      We all have players we like more than others. Instead of pretending to be unbiased, Mike, Ben, and Alex decided to admit their favorites and asked listeners for theirs in the following categories: no-brainer superstar, former All-Star transitioning to their twilight, possible first-time All-Star, role player, and random bench/rotation guy. Consider this the Limited Upside All-Star team!

      Plus: Ben and Mike talk about how they'd react if they saw LeBron James on the subway, and Alex...



      episode 164: This NBA rookie class is super dope

      Mike and Ben are joined by SB Nation college hoops/preps/draft guru and longtime guest Ricky O'Donnell. We briefly discuss Milwaukee's trade for Eric Bledsoe, then spend a solid hour chatting about this awesome rookie class. We hit every key player, including Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz (sorry Sixers fans), Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr., Lauri Markkanen, and almost every other first-year player doing cool stuff.



      episode 163: Cavaliers fans are trying not to panic. Should they be?

      LeBron James' Cavaliers are 3-5, with a string of double-digit losses and the worst defense in the NBA. Should we worry? We bring back Chris Manning of Fear the Sword and MMA Fighting/Cavs junkie Eric Jackman to figure out what's wrong with Cleveland, how much fans are worried, and which issues will actually carry over once they begin to try.



      episode 162: Are the Cavaliers trash? Plus, other early-season NBA trends

      SB Nation's Tim Cato and friend of the pod Alex Rubenstein join Ben and Mike to assess whether a bunch of early-season NBA trends will actually carry over, including:

      The Cavaliers' awful start. The Magic suddenly being an offensive juggernaut.Kristaps Porzingis taking over.Ben Simmons playing at an All-Star level.Giannis leading the NBA in scoring.Boogie and the Brow thriving in New Orleans.Whether a team can actually score efficiently without shooting a lot of 3s.

      And much more....



      episode 161: The Western Conference is a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie

      Ben Epstein and Mike Prada run through the first week of the NBA with SB Nation friend of the show Alex Rubenstein. Topics include: the plucky Grizzlies, the teams we're already changing our minds about, the Spurs plugging along without Kawhi, Max/Play/Trade with three early-season player performances, some Giannis talk (but not enough), some Sixers talk (too much), the sad Suns, and more.



      episode 160: The Warriors are winning 75 games and other bold (dumb) predictions

      After 30 episodes diving into each NBA team, Mike and Ben fly solo to make their own predictions, including Mike's bold Warriors call, which West team gets the 2 seed, who makes the playoffs from 5-8, which team will tank most blatantly, how many games does Joel Embiid need to play for the 76ers to make the playoffs, the Celtics vs. Cavs, Wizards talk, MVP, and more.