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Linux Action News 140

Are we overloaded with open source licenses? We consider a simpler future. Results from the Debian init vote are in, and why Amazon's new open source project might be worth checking out.



Linux Action News 139

It's our annual predictions episode. We review how we did in 2019, and then set out to predict what we think will happen in 2020.



Linux Action News 138

We review the major moments of the year's news, and discuss how they impacted our world.



Linux Action News 137

Canonical releases a "mini-clould" on your workstation, the KDE ecosystem has some big news, and the smart home might have just become more open.



Linux Action News 136

The first desktop Office 365 app arrives, Ubuntu commits to current and future Raspberry Pi boards, and why the near-term future of Linux gaming looks a bit rocky.


 2019-12-16  32m

Linux Action News 135

Ubuntu Pro is a click away, and their kernel goes rolling on AWS. We process the range of announcements, while Mozilla cranks up the security and impresses us with DeepSpeech.


 2019-12-09  30m

Linux Action News 134

We share Mozilla's concerns over Contract for the Web, and try out Kali Linux's new tricks.


 2019-12-02  26m

Linux Action News 133

Google, Mozilla, and GitLab make serious upgrades to their bug bounty programs, insights into Debian's renewed systemd debate, and how Microsoft and IBM are working together to fight patent trolls.


 2019-11-25  19m

Linux Action News 132

Docker's surprising news, new nasty Intel vulnerabilities, and why Brave 1.0 changes the game.


 2019-11-18  31m

Linux Action News 131

Google steps up support for older Chromebooks, Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux, and the App Defense Alliance teams up to fight Android malware.


 2019-11-11  20m