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Linux Action News 278

A lot happened in the free desktop world this week, we cover the impressive releases, changes, and surprises.



Linux Action News 277

An Ubuntu expiration date approaches, openSUSE has a new handy solution, and the container security issue that remains unfixed.



Linux Action News 276

A high-profile Linux kernel network flaw, we put JFS on a death watch, and break down the controversial Firefox update this week.



Linux Action News 275

OpenZFS has performance gains inbound, the end of a Linux era, and the achievement unlocked by the open-source NVIDIA driver.



Linux Action News 274

Android is getting RISC-Y, the handy new Google tool going open source, the next nail in the coffin for ZFS on Ubuntu, and why you were right about smart speakers all along.



Linux Action News 273

There are some stories so big they need a little more air time.


 2022-12-29  17m

Linux Action News 272

Why we won't see a new Raspberry Pi until 2025, the first steps to Plasma 6 are being taken, and PipeWire gets a major Bluetooth upgrade.


 2022-12-22  15m

Linux Action News 271

Why the next kernel will be "the merge window from hell," a holiday gift for Wayland users, and how the open source community could do more to take on YouTube.


 2022-12-15  19m

Linux Action News 270

The Linux kernel has some exciting updates this week, including a significant Asahi milestone and some good news for Android. Then we take openSUSE's new web-based installer for a spin.


 2022-12-08  17m

Linux Action News 269

Old school Ubuntu has a new cool, Google calls out Google, and some IoT news you can use.


 2022-12-01  17m