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Episode 58: Power Up and Freak Out

A conversation with KDE's Joseph De Veaugh-Geiss about the path the project is forging to create a culture of software sustainability and inspire more power-efficient software. Our conversation might dramatically change how you think about the apps you use, and the potentially devastating ecological footprint of the software installed on millions -- if not billions -- of devices.


 May 10, 2023  1h6m

Episode 57: The Steam Deck Changed Us Forever

No notes. No prep. Just 4 passionate content creators gathering to discuss Valve's Steam Deck. It's an epic 2-hour Linux gaming crossover! For authenticity, this entire video even was hosted, recorded, edited and published on Jason's Steam Deck.


 March 10, 2022  2h7m

Tech For Everyone #1: Linus Dropped My Name

Linus dropped my name on The WAN Show, Valve has big plans for AMD's FSR, YouTube dislikes your dislikes, the COVID face mask life in video games, ProtonUP gets a GUI, and more!


 November 17, 2021  10m

Episode 56: Nicco Loves KDE

There's lots of KDE love to go around, as special guest Niccolò "Nicco" Venerandi joins us to discuss the Plasma desktop, and a certain brand new desktop reportedly in development at System76.


 November 12, 2021  1h22m

Episode 55: Mycroft AI Interview, M1 Macs and More!

In our longest episode ever, we talk to Mycroft AI founder Joshua Montgomery, explore Rapid Photo Downloader, consider the strengths of Apple's M1 Macs, and continue our privacy discussions!


 October 28, 2021  2h35m

Episode 54: An Invasion of Privacy

The brand new L4E Show is here! Jason, Jerry and Schykle talk about their recent passion projects, then get into a somewhat disturbing conversation about the creeping invasion of our online privacy.


 October 13, 2021  1h25m

Episode 53: Aaron Honeycutt of System76

All good things must come to an end, but sometimes they're reborn into something better! Jason says goodbye (sort of), then has a lengthy conversation with System76 Happiness Architect Aaron Honeycutt. And we wrap it up with some hopes and concerns about Valve's Steam Deck.


 September 27, 2021  1h18m

Episode 52: Valve Finally Counts To 3!

Welcome to a special community-powered episode discussing Valve's newly announced Steam Deck!


 July 17, 2021  1h10m

Episode 51: A Pulse, a Powershell, and a Probe

There's good news and bad news about the Pulse 15 laptop's battery life. Plus, a Discovery of the Week that's a handy hardware helper! Then we'll get down to business with a conversation about Powershell... on Linux.


 June 30, 2021  1h8m

Episode 50: Ask Jason Anything (2021 Edition)

To celebrate 50 episodes of the podcast, I'm answering a bunch of your questions about Linux, Croatia, music production, coffee habits and much more!


 June 9, 2021  48m