Linux Kernel Podcast

Semi-weekly summary of Linux Kernel Development



      Kernel Podcast for 2017/07/07

      Linux 4.12 final is released, the 4.13 merge window opens, and various assorted ongoing kernel development is described in detail


       2017-07-07  35m

      Kernel Podcast for 2017/05/14

      Linux 4.12-rc1 (including a full summary of the 4.12 merge window), Linux 4.11 final is released, saving TLB flushes, various ongoing development, and a bunch of announcements


       2017-05-15  1h2m

      Kernel Podcast for 2017/04/27

      Linux 4.11-rc8, updating cross compilers, Intel 5-level paging, v3 namespaced file capabilities, and ongoing development


       2017-04-27  22m

      Kernel Podcast for 2017/04/19

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc7, a kernel security update bonanza, the end of Kconfig maintenance, automatic NUMA balancing, movable memory, a bug in synchronize_rcu_tasks, and ongoing development. The Linux 4.12 merge window...


       2017-04-20  21m

      Kernel Podcast for 2017/04/11

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc6, Intel Memory Bandwidth Allocation (MBA), Coherent Device Memory (CDM), Paravirtualized Remote TLB Flushing,kernel lockdown, the latest on Intel 5-level paging, and other assorted ongoing...


       2017-04-11  18m

      Linux Kernel Podcast for 2017/04/04

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc5, Donald Drumpf drains the maintainer swamp in April, Intel FPGA Device Drivers, FPU state cacheing, /dev/mem access crashing machines, and assorted ongoing development


       2017-04-05  26m

      Linux Kernel Podcast for 2017/03/28

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc4, early debug with USB3 earlycon, upcoming support for USB-C in 4.12, and ongoing development including various work on boot time speed ups, logging, futexes, and IOMMUs


       2017-03-28  22m

      Linux Kernel Podcast for 2017/03/21

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc3, this week's exciting installment of "5-level paging weekly", the 2038 doomsday compliance "statx" systemcall, and heterogenous memory management. Also a summary of all ongoing active kernel...


       2017-03-21  22m

      Kernel Podcast for 20170313

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc2 (including pre-enablement for Intel 5-level paging), VMA based swap readahead, and ongoing development ahead of the next cycle.


       2017-03-14  17m

      Kernel Podcast for 20170306

      Linus Torvalds announces Linux 4.11-rc1, rants about folks not correctly leveraging linux-next, the remainder of this cycle's merge window pulls, and announcements concerning end of life for some features.


       2017-03-06  16m