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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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428: Pi for the People

We try out POP!_OS on the Raspberry Pi 4, and chat with its creator Jeremy Soller from System76.



427: Life Changing Virtualization

Wimpy stops by with a new tool that will change your virtualization game, and we share our thoughts on Ubuntu 21.10 and take the flavor challenge.



426: This Old Linux PC

It's the worst time ever to upgrade or buy a new PC, so we cover our favorite tips for getting the most out of your current hardware. Then we pit a 2014 desktop against a 2021 laptop and find out if our old clunker can beat the Thinkpad.



425: Sad Server Stories

Sometimes things go wrong; this week, we admit we've got a problem.



424: Space for Theming

A serious problem is brewing in Desktop Linux that hasn't impacted end users yet, but will soon. We break down why distribution makers are getting upset and explain what's next.


 2021-09-22  1h4m

423: What Makes a Linux User?

Why it might be time to re-think who is and who is not a Linux user, plus we do a reality check on the state of Linux phones.


 2021-09-15  40m

422: The Fun Distro

We try out what might be the most fun Linux distribution around. It started as a laugh, but now we’re in love.


 2021-09-08  1h4m

421: Server Savior Squad

A surprise server outage at the studio requires we jump into action with a few last-minute solutions and deploy one of our favorite open-source tools.


 2021-09-01  32m

420: Real People Are Out There

We share some stories from our Denver meetup, the strange reason we found ourselves at a golf course, and some news you should know.


 2021-08-25  58m

419: What's Cookin' at System76

Live from Denver, we chat with old friends and new. We get the inside scope on what has been going on at System76, and what's coming up next.


 2021-08-18  1h10m