Liquid SunShine Podcast - Inebriated Interviews with Vancouver's hip hop underground

Cop a seat, crack a brew and soak up some liquid sunshine with the Spits N Giggles crew: Mr. Archive and Saucey Slick featuring DJ C-Lo on the mix. Join these jabrones as they chop up whats what with the who's who of Vancouv, and C-Lo spins the new new. Relax and let The Liquid Sunshine Podcast penetrate your ear holes all deep like.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h16m. Bisher sind 58 Folge(n) erschienen.


Episode 48 Epic Part 1

Back at ya with another special edition episode! For this one, our roving reporter, Mr. Archive sits down with Canadian rap legend, Epic, in his home in Edmonton, Alberta.


 2018-06-20  1h29m

Episode 47 Clockwork

Back up in it, to win it. This episode is some special edition, family promo, uber-low-key-house party, type of hype.


 2018-05-04  2h26m

Episode 46 St Paddy's Day / Whiskey Tour

Aaand now for something completely different. It’s time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day episode. This time around the lads step out in public for our first, but not last, on-location episode.


 2018-03-17  2h18m

Episode 45 Mizzy & Day Day

Heyo! LSP back up this piece with not one, but two, of Vancity’s finest.


 2018-03-09  2h15m

Episode44 Special Edition Chadio Mix Show

We back in it for a special edition episode, fo’ dat ass. This time around, we roll guest-free, speaking a little flim-flam before getting to the brass-tax, that a friend, and hugely important member of the Vancouver and Canadian hip-hop scene, Chadio, needs some assistance.


 2018-02-01  1h52m

Episode 43 - 2017 Year End Rap Up

Hey y'all, it’s that magic time of year again when the Liquid Sunshine posse sits down to guzzle adult-beverages, giggle like children and talk about some of our favourite happenings from the year that was, 2017.


 2018-01-23  2h0m

Episode 42 Emcee Kavi

Our last guest of 2017 is Emcee Kavi.


 2018-01-11  2h44m

Episode 41 Attikus

In this episode we welcome back Attikus.


 2017-11-16  1h59m

Episode Forty - Looseleaf Sessions

Yoooo it’s time for another sit down with your favourite liquor pigs.


 2017-10-18  2h11m

Episode Thirty Nine - Post Fentanyl Overdose Prevention Society Fundraiser

After a long hiatus, we are back and ready to bring you more of what you may, or may not, have asked for, but first...we sit down with each other to catch up and talk about our fundraiser for the Overdose Prevention Society.


 2017-09-13  1h23m