Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Matthew Rushing and C Bryan Jones explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.

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episode 333: An Umbrella Book

Plagues of Night. We discuss Sisko's story, different ways, filling in a lot of gaps, plans within plans, characters in flux, the end of Deep Space Nine, Kira far beyond the stars, our ratings and final thoughts.



episode 332: Tears of the Prophets

James Swallow: The Ashes of Tomorrow. We discuss how James is feeling, tying in DS9, Sisko and Kira, Bashir, Miles, Ro, Quark and Nog, Picard's next generation, artificial intelligence, the fire in which we burn, shadows, Worf's moment, prophecy fulfilled



episode 331: MLK Would Be Proud

The Struggle Within. We discuss it being an ebook only, picking up the pieces, just listen, looking for balance, nonviolence, just another group, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2021-10-22  58m

episode 330: The Universes Are Not Enough

Dayton Ward: Moments Asunder. We discuss, the end being near, batting order, collaboration, setting it all up, the villains, complete consumption, loose ends, Wesley, Picard's lineage, who's happy, who lives/who dies, early plans, open doors, how Dayton i


 2021-10-09  1h24m

episode 329: Makes Good on the Promise

Recovery. We discuss, coming to the final book, Kirk, Spock, the Recovery, the Tholians, setting up The Motion Picture, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2021-10-03  59m

episode 328: Broken Trust

Fallen Gods. We discuss political separation, fear, Ta'ith, One One Six, the Andorian/Tholian plan, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2021-09-18  1h4m

episode 327: An Odyssey

John Jackson Miller: Rogue Elements. We discuss the inspiration, the Iotians, Ledger, the final frontier, writing Rios, the holographic doppelgängers, undiscovered connections, Parch, physical media, what is important, further connections, where to find


 2021-08-27  1h36m

episode 326: Star Trek: The Fugitive

Traitor Winds. We discuss continuity, focusing on other characters, earth in this time period, the plot, something different, doesn't quite come together, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2021-08-15  51m

episode 325: Commandy Stuff

Cassandra Rose Clarke: Shadows Have Offended. We discuss her Star Trek story, writing a Star Trek book, the genesis, Troi and Worf, Crusher, Picard, the unexpected, the Betazoids, links with DS9, dreamweavers, feeling like an episode, the experience, Cass


 2021-07-30  1h29m

episode 324: Every Crisis is an Opportunity

Paths of Disharmony. We discuss character work, the blame game, saving civilization, connecting to Vanguard, on their heels, leaving the Federation, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2021-07-10  57m