Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Matthew Rushing and C Bryan Jones explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.

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episode 303: A Pair of Legs in Sickbay

String Theory: Cohesion. We talk about the unique setting of the novel, the strange star system, the Monorhans, the effects of the strange radiation in the system, Seven & B'Elanna Torres's contentious relationship, the Key to Gramadia, and wrap up with o


 2020-05-24  1h19m

episode 302: What if A.I. Becomes Mommy?

Alan Dean Foster: The Unsettling Stars. We talk about the long path to publication for this novel, the experience of writing the alternate Trek characters, the two major alien races in the novel, the unique problem presented by the Perenoreans, Alan Dean


 2020-05-10  1h10m

episode 301: Sing a Song of Sixpence

Seven of Nine. We talk about capitalizing on a new character, Annika Hansen and Seven's memories, the significance of the ravens, the Skedans and their vendetta against Emperor Beytek, ties to the wider lit-verse, and wrap up with our final thoughts and r


 2020-04-26  1h17m

episode 300: Miss Cleo's Just a Spectre!

The Higher Frontier. We talk about Commander Thelin and the Aenar, the "New Humans," a sequel to "Is There in Truth No Beauty?," the war between the Spectres and the Lords, parallels to hate groups here on Earth, ending the novel on a hopeful note, some f


 2020-04-12  1h22m

episode 299: We Need a Kick in Our Complacency

Losing the Peace. We talk about Crusher's role in the story including flashbacks to her past, the refugee situation on Pacifica, Chen and Taurik's grief, Choudhury's journey, the grim reminder to listen to our better angels, and wrap up with our final tho


 2020-03-29  1h19m

episode 298: Utopia is a Series of Choices

Una McCormack: The Last Best Hope. We discuss the process of writing the novel, the social issues it deals with, the threat of the breakup of the Federation, the research led by Dr. Amal Safadi, the crew of Picard's new ship, the Verity, the revenge of th


 2020-03-15  1h16m

episode 297: A Palm Punch with No Follow Through

Dayton Ward: Kirk Fu Manual. We discuss where the idea for the book came from, Dayton's process of writing it, the fantastic artwork, Dayton's favorite Kirk Fu moves, where our listeners can find the book, and wrap up with where Dayton can be found online


 2020-03-01  1h5m

episode 296: Attack of the 50 ft. Betazoid!

The Battle of Betazed. We talk about the criminal Hent Tevren, killing with telepathy, Dr. Crell Moset, DS9's contributions to the mission, Troi's command abilities, the fateful choice facing the people of Betazed, and wrap up with our final thoughts and


 2020-02-16  1h42m

episode 295: Walls Behind Walls Behind Walls

Mike Johnson: Picard: Countdown. We discuss how the comic trilogy came about, the inclusion of characters from TNG, Picard's new first officer, Tal Shiar operatives Laris and Zhaban, Admiral Picard during this time, the natives of Yuyat Beta, Romulan dive


 2020-02-02  1h16m

episode 294: Pulling the Strings

Hollow Men. We talk about how the novel follows up on "In the Pale Moonlight," the guilt that Sisko is wrestling with, the enigma of Tomas Roeder, the strange crew of the freighter Ariadne, Odo's suspicions about a theft on the station, how all these stor


 2020-01-26  1h25m