Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Matthew Rushing and C Bryan Jones explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.

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31: The Saliva Incident

Nero Comics. IDW released a four-part series that told the backstory of Star Trek 2009's villain and why he is so hellbent on destroying Spock and the Federation. We delve into the events cut from the film mixed with original elements.


 2013-08-18  1h14m

30: A Centerfold Pullout

Star Trek Reference Books. We're joined by Phillip Gilfus to explore some of our favourite reference books and to dream about those we hope to one day find on our shelves.


 2013-08-11  1h14m

29: Tripper John, M.D.

Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures. We dive into the first book in Christopher L. Bennett's Rise of the Federation series, A Choice of Futures, which show the early struggles faced by the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites as they work to


 2013-08-04  1h16m

28: Tastes Great, Less Filling

The Next Generation: Ghosts. We join the crew of the 1701-D as they explore a political and scientific mystery on Allios IV that almost results in the loss of Picard and Worf.


 2013-07-28  1h24m

27: Star Trek Treasure Rivals

Deep Space Nine: Fool's Gold. We go along for the ride as Sisko and his crew try to unravel the mystery of a station overrun with "sightseers" and get help from unlikely sources.


 2013-07-21  1h16m

26: Cardassia Is In the Caribbean

Larry Nemecek's Stellar Cartography. We're joined by Larry to learn about the genesis of his new book Star Trek: Stellar Cartography, the process of creating it, and how Larry's career in mapping stars dates back to the 1980s.


 2013-07-07  1h19m

25: Shatnercado

Before and After Darkness. We dig into the first two issues of After Darkness as well as look back at the prequel series, how well it set up the film, and how the various pieces of the Abramsverse are working together to create a bigger story.


 2013-06-30  1h26m

24: The Heroes Of Their Own Story

William Leisner and The Shocks of Adversity. We're joined by William Leisner to talk about his new TOS novel The Shocks of Adversity, the inspiration for the Federation's seeming reflection in the Goeg Domain, and the issue of cultural tolerance.


 2013-06-23  1h4m

23: Mindmelding with an Obelisk

The Enterprise Experiment. We explore D.C. Fontana's five-part comic series Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment which pulls together elements from three famous Original Series episodes and mixes it with more modern Star Trek legends.


 2013-06-16  1h21m

22: A Walking Space Country Song

Captain's Log Comics.We examine the four-part comic series in which we find untold chapters from the lives of Hikaru Sulu, John Harriman, Christopher Pike, and Edward Jellico.


 2013-06-09  1h51m