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Little News Ears is a podcast for parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn about the news in a simple and different way. With 10 different shows and counting, it is made for kids to improve their critical thinking skills and ultimately increase their understanding of democracy. Kids are free to make any type of news as long as it is based on the truth! All episodes are curated (and occasionally written) by Dan Buck, a school leader at an independent school in Texas with 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader around the world. There are several types of show, including longer and more in-depth shows (e.g., BoxerBlu & Bram and Dragon Ranger Owl) and shorter headline shows that focus on many different types of news, including the black community, LGBTQ issues, and a favorite for many kids: weird and gross news! Little News Ears hits the big issues in news with sensitivity toward different points of view. First time listening? Please be aware that Little News Ears aims to be positive, inspiring, challenging, funny, and educational--but it is something quite different than typical media for a 4 year old and up...

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episode 11: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 11 - When Women in the Army Have Rules about Their Hair

It's March 17, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about a robotic dog used by the police called Digidog, a Norwegian artist who makes and plays instruments made of ice, new rules for women soldiers in the US army about their hair, a Chinese divorce court making a man pay his ex for housework, and batteries being used in Salt Lake City for a better environment



News for Kids at - Precious Presents Ballet!

In this episode, Precious covers the breaking news, history of ballet, a tutorial of the first 5 basic positions, some interesting facts about ballet, and an interview with a ballerina.



episode 10: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 10 - When People Got Mad at Ted Cruz

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues. It's March 2, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about Ted Cruz and why people are angry, the new Mars rover, a woman who walked 6 miles to get a vaccine, opera singers helping people with Covid-19 breathe, and the unusual instruments created by Joaquín Orellana.



News for Kids at - Asian American News for Kids

It's September 5, 2022. Glow is back with News for Kids through an Asian American lens. The Montagnard generation is spreading awareness of their culture through social media; Ron Howard's '13 Lives' shows nuances of Thai culture; Gang Chen, an MIT professor accused of spying, makes a major discovery; Asia Pacific markets are down; and Shark Tank's Baby Toon is big!


 2022-09-05  11m

episode 9: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 9 - When Christopher Plummer Passed Away

It's February 16, 2021. In this very special episode of Cherry, Bird, Cow, Winston learns something about his mothers that he will never forget. Felix and Enzo teach us about Napoleon's brother settling down in New Jersey, the death of Christopher Plummer, how scientists are using discarded Covid masks to make roads in Australia, how live music in the Ozarks may be dying, and how one café owner in Chicago is helping the homeless. The newest episode are at


 2022-09-04  10m

episode 1: News for Kids at BoxerBlu and Bram - S4E1 - The Johnny Appleseed of Sugar Kelp?

It's September 3rd, 2022. BoxerBlu and Bram are back. We learn that Bram will seek a behaviorist for a compulsion that he has and about the family's summer...


 2022-09-03  12m

episode 8: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 8 - That Guy Who Forgot His Bitcoin Password (and Lost $20 Million)

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's February 2, 2021. Winston is lost on a mushroom-gathering mission! Enzo and Felix explain why Joe Biden can't open the White House door, how a millionaire has only two chances to unlock his Bitcoin account, how maybe platypuses may be genetically superior to humans, the oldest cave paintings being discovered in India, and a wristband that tells your boss if his employees are unhappy. The newest episode are at


 2022-09-02  10m

episode 7: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 7 - When Joe Biden Won

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's January 20, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about Joe Biden's inauguration, Donald Trump's second impeachment, the popularity of chess during the pandemic, Let's Learn NYC, a Canadian website meant to help small businesses over Amazon, how swordfish are impaling sharks.


 2022-08-28  7m

News for Kids at - Talkin' with Ziga - Colorado Avalanche Wins! Special Olympics in Calgary

It's July 7, 2022. The Colorado Avalanche defeats the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The City of Calgary is planning to host the 2024 Special Olympics Winter Games.


 2022-08-22  1m

episode 6: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 6 - When High Schoolers 1st Amendment Rights are at Stake

The Cherry Bird Cow marathon continues. It's January 5, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about a high schooler who was expelled for saying vulgar things on social media, the death of Noah Chreshevsky, puppy scams during the Covid-19 pandemic, a piece of the Great Pyramid found in Scotland, and police drones in Chula Vista, CA.


 2022-08-17  9m