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Little News Ears is a podcast for parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn about the news in a simple and different way. With 10 different shows and counting, it is made for kids to improve their critical thinking skills and ultimately increase their understanding of democracy. Kids are free to make any type of news as long as it is based on the truth! All episodes are curated (and occasionally written) by Dan Buck, a school leader at an independent school in Texas with 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader around the world. There are several types of show, including longer and more in-depth shows (e.g., BoxerBlu & Bram and Dragon Ranger Owl) and shorter headline shows that focus on many different types of news, including the black community, LGBTQ issues, and a favorite for many kids: weird and gross news! Little News Ears hits the big issues in news with sensitivity toward different points of view. First time listening? Please be aware that Little News Ears aims to be positive, inspiring, challenging, funny, and educational--but it is something quite different than typical media for a 4 year old and up...

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episode 4: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 4 - When a Woman Saved a Swan....

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's December 8, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about how accurate artificial photos of people are becoming, the resurgence of jazz in NYC, opera by mail, saving a swan in NYC, and the death of Maradona.


 2022-08-08  6m

ICYMI: We Teamed Up with Andrew & Polly!

In honor of our collaboration with Andrew & Polly and their show, 'Ear Snacks,' a lot of kids at Little News Ears made a bunch of recordings about ears! Haven't heard the collaboration? Please check it out at Kids Listen:


 2022-08-06  1m

New Show on the Way: Disability Positivity with Kai

When people talk about disability in the media, it's too often presented in a negative light. That's why Disability Positivity with Kai exists! Every episode, Kai will share empowering news and information - including inspirational news stories, disabled role models, and disability advocacy history - that shows just how awesome people with disabilities can be.  Stay tuned! 


 2022-08-05  0m

episode 3: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 3 - When RBG Left Us..

The CBC Marathon continues! In this episode of Little News Ears from September 28, 2020, Cherry, Bird, and Cow learn all about the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and that there may have been life on Venus. They also learn about attacking orcas and a new book that claims that maybe the mystery of Roanoke never happened. They also learn about the return of stolen rare books in Romania. 


 2022-08-03  6m

episode 3: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon: Episode 2 - When Alex Trebek Moved On...

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon continues! It's November 25, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow are back and are teaching us all about Alex Trebek's passing, Fungie the Dolphin being missing, time cells in our brains, the importance of lullabies, and the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 


 2022-08-01  6m

News for Kids at Little News Ears - World Kidlines with Paxton - Israel's Laser Weapon, The NZ Stoat

It's June 27, 2022. Paxton 'kidifies' world headlines about Senegal's first post-pandemic Biennale, authorities arresting Iranian filmmakers, Turkey's new official name of Türkiye, Israel's laser weapon, and New Zealand's problem with stoats.


 2022-07-30  4m

episode 1: Cherry Bird Cow Marathon: Episode 1 - When Steve Bannon was Arrested....

The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Begins!  In this episode of Little News Ears from August 31, 2020, Cherry, Bird, and Cow learn all about Steve Bannon getting arrested from the 'We Build the Wall Scheme,' about fire tornadoes in California, transparent toilets in Tokyo, Giant Panda Mei Xiang having a baby at the National Zoo, and how kids can earn money by playing Roblox.  Voiced by David Beach


 2022-07-29  4m

episode 10: Kids Listen Mashups - Ep10 - Little ears snacky ears put em on your listening ears

This season finale has a few games for you to play along with, and they are all about ears. That’s because our Kids Listen friends are none other than Ear Snack’s Andrew & Polly mashed up with Little News Ears’ Dan Buck, Genesis and little Addie. Ears - a perfectly sound season finale topic with lots of fun gunk to explore. We start off with a highlight they each share showcasing their mash-up partner’s pod, and end with a personal contribution created just for your listening ears...


 2022-07-28  28m

News for Kids at - Precious Presents Dr. Lizbeth Finestack of RADLD

It's July 22, 2022. Precious interviews Dr. Lizbeth Finestack of RADLD to teach kids, parents, and teachers about developmental learning disorder, also known as DLD.


 2022-07-22  11m

News for Kids at Little News Ears - Talkin' with Ziga - Britney Spears Marries! Scare at Canada's Parliament

It's June 18, 2022. Ziga is back with news about Britney Spears and a scare at Canada's Parliament Hill.


 2022-07-21  0m