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It’s the podcast for Women who want to dream more wildly, live more vibrantly, and give back generously. You’ll learn how to have lasting success by applying the principles of spirituality, feng shui, energy and mindset through practical advice, inspirational interviews, spiritual solutions and energetic principals. This is a must listen for the woman who wants their dreams to be their reality.

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Attract More Luck with Feng Shui

Welcome back to this week Feng Shui Friday! Today is going to be another incredible topic because we are going to be talking about how to attract more luck into your life. I feel like that we can really open ourselves up to call in so much more than...


 2021-12-10  8m

Feng Shui your First Apartment

Welcome to this week’s episode! Today, we will be talking about winning your first apartment. This is going to be very exciting because when you move into your first apartment, you want to make sure you are doing everything correctly. The first...


 2021-11-12  9m

episode 77: The Awakening and Embodiment of Our Feminine with Dawn Delvecchio

Welcome to this week's episode of The Live Your Dreams awake podcast. We are at the very end of our show. Things are really coming into a slowdown, a pause, until we bring it out in the new year with a re-launch. And with this, we will be enlightened...


 2021-11-08  34m

Why I Hold a Full Moon Ceremony Every Month

Welcome to another wonderful episode of our Feng Shui Friday! Today, I will be sharing to all of you the reason why I hold a full moon ceremony every month. The moon's epitomize the one of the core foundations of Feng Shui philosophy. It is all about...


 2021-11-05  6m

episode 76: How to Detoxify your Home with Tonya Harris

In this interview of Tonya Harris for this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake, she discusses how toxins can affect our health conditions and can increase the risk of cancer, obesity, and ADHD in children. As a childhood leukemia survivor and mother of...


 2021-11-01  30m

How to Feng Shui your Front Door

In today’s Feng Shui Friday, I am going to tell you why it is important to use your front door and how you can amplify and make your entrance more welcoming. It will also make you feel good and call in more things into your life including money,...


 2021-10-29  10m

episode 75: Living Life on Purpose with Tanya Dalton

Do you find yourself asking, what is your purpose in life? The answer doesn’t come easy.  You have to experience life’s detours, twists and turns to bring you to where you are meant to be. Productivity Expert, Author and entrepreneur, Tanya...


 2021-10-25  36m

Feng Shui and Travel

In today's Feng Shui Friday, we will be talking about how to use Feng Shui for travel. We travel for different reasons, it can be for business or pleasure. This means that we go to different new places and be in a new environment. Also, we definitely...


 2021-10-22  9m

episode 74: How to Amplify your Business in LinkedIn with Helen Pritchard

In this episode of Live your Dreams Awake Podcast, LinkedIn legend Helen Pritchard talks about her journey to seven figures. Going through the 2008 recession which nearly lost their home, a divorce and with over £90k in debts, the transition is just...


 2021-10-18  43m

episode 73: Hollywood to Spiritual Coach: A Huge Transformation with Susan Burrell

All of us come into the choice point of our lives, but in order to be sustainable we need to find the root cause. Most of the wounds that we have originates from our childhood experiences and there’s that inner child in us that wants to get out and...


 2021-10-11  38m