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Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day. The prize-winning, weekly half-hour radio magazine and podcast is produced by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster - visit for more.

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Living Planet: Living Planet: Meddling with the planet

On this week's show: Concerns abound about the aerial spraying of controversial pesticide glyphosate in Argentina. The aftermath of Brazil's worst ever mining disaster. The fate of climate refugees in Kenya and how we humans are interfering with the earth's ice age cycles.


 2016-01-22  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: 2016 - upbeat about conservation

All about birds: We hear about bird beatboxing in India, woodpeckers coming to the rescue in the fight against a small green bug in Canada and about a school in Slovakia where kids learn to take care of birds of prey. And: coconut breakers in Brazil fight for their livelihoods.


 2016-01-15  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: 2016 - Time for a cleaner world?

What's ahead of us in the new year? Will the new year bring us forward in cleaning up our polluted air and making our food and energy supplies more sustainable? Living Planet investigated what's going on in India, East Africa and Europe.


 2016-01-08  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: Best of Living Planet 2015

As the year draws to a close we look back at some of Living Planet's highlights of 2015. We'll be delving beneath snow and ice at the apocalypse-proof Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and exploring Rome’s subterranean secrets to discover a growing problem with waste. Elsewhere in Italy, we look at plans to stop the floating city of Venice vanishing beneath the waves.


 2016-01-01  29m

Living Planet: Best of Living Planet: Wildlife Encounters

Living Planet revisits some of our most memorable animal moments of 2015. We're in Thailand to talk to an entrepreneur who feeds coffee beans to elephants and charges a premium for what comes out. In Spain, the lynx is making a comeback. Plus, we hear about bee highways in Norway, and the dogs in Democratic Republic of Congo working to protect endangered mountain gorillas from poachers.


 2015-12-25  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: Post-Paris People Power

After the climate extravaganza in Paris: Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidoo says people, not politicians are the key to a fossil-free future. How a trip to the Arctic ultimately led environmentalist Cara Augustenborg to the Paris conference. And: Why Santa Claus and those reindeer of his also have to do their bit for the climate.


 2015-12-18  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: The decarbonization puzzle

Climate activist Bill McKibben on the role of civil society and the climate justice movement, how business and technological innovation are driving decarbonization and the effects of climate change: rising seas in Asia. DW's Living Planet comes to you from COP21 in Paris.


 2015-12-11  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: The people’s climate

As communities around the world battle with the impacts of climate change, a growing international civil movement is taking climate action to a new level.


 2015-12-04  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: All aboard

Ahead of the UN climate summit in Paris key issues remain on the negotiating table, European cities find novel ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and all aboard the climate train.


 2015-11-27  29m

Living Planet: Living Planet: Of pilgrims and penguins

This week on Living Planet, rising seas threaten the UK's Isles of Scilly, Antarctica’s sea ice melts as temperatures warm, we meet Germany's 2015 environment prize winner, & we follow climate pilgrims on their journey through Europe.


 2015-11-20  29m