LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West and Frank Linkz review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.



      episode 32: 101: Where Is Everybody? Redux (TZ 101)

      Watch as a man walks around alone and screams at all the nobody there. Watch as a man walks around alone and fights a phone booth. Watch other things as well.



      episode 31: 100: The Fugitive (TZ 325)

      NAMBLA endorses this episode of The Twilight Zone. Watch this episode and then scrub yourself afterward because you will feel sick. Just listen to this episode and count how many times the word 'pedophile' comes up.



      episode 30: 99: To Serve Man (TZ 324)

      Considered one of the best TZ episodes for some reason. It's a good episode with a ton of flaws. Mainly being if your overall goal is to come to earth to trick people into willingly coming back to your home planet so that you can eat them there... why the holy fuck bring the goddamn cook book to earth at all? You especially wouldn't just leave it behind after a meeting for the people to find and possibly translate. These are supposed to be superior...



      episode 29: 98: The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank (TZ 323)

      Welcome to the mid-west where everyone has southern accents and say southern sayings and live in the south but is still the mid-west for some reason. A totally mid-western man awakens in his coffin at his funeral but don't you dare sue his doctor for malpractice. Watch as this zombie pedophile threatens people with horrific plagues before escorting his underage bride-to-be through the gates of hell.



      episode 28: 97: One For The Angels Redux (TZ 102)

      Another redux episode so Frank can chime in to talk about this selfish pedophile's battle against Death who apparenly has a quota like a ticket giving motorcycle cop. Why does Death carry cash? Why does he need so many ties? How do you grab a toy robot by mistake when you were trying to grab a tie? Why would birds carry silk across the ocean to make ties? So many tie related questions. Lou? Lou. Lou! Lou... Lou, can you hear me,...



      episode 27: 96: A Piano In The House (TZ 322)

      Songs that make reveal your true inner self. Who needs a lie detector test when they can just bring in a player piano into the courtroom and get people truly talking? Best 'rich guy' villain so far in the TZ. We are back with our sound mixer and Frank's slurring makes a furious comeback. Witness the hot mess.



      episode 26: 95: Kick The Can (TZ 321)

      They kick a can in the most confusing game of hide-and-seek ever where you count by 5's to 100. Aluminum cans apparently have magical powers that transport you from death's door to a physically abused child of 8. It's just the worst.



      episode 25: 94: Showdown With Rance McGrew (TZ 320)

      Rance is a first name. Believe it. The production featured in this episode is beyond inept. They allow the star to make major plot changes to the show on a whim. They have the camera directly behind the director and script supervisor. They apparently have an unlimited mirror budget. They get zero coverage for the editor so good luck getting those stunt double shots in there.



      episode 24: 93: The Hunt (TZ 319)

      Watch in awe as an old man mocks his 50 year old wife in old lady make-up about how he never touches her anymore before he dies in a mild stream. Then he almost goes somewhere and then goes somewhere else. The end. AWE.



      episode 23: 92: Dead Man's Shoes (TZ 318)

      Magic shoes and shitty sound quality sum up this episode. If you're curious about the sound then check out the 2018 State Of The Studio Address episode that you probably skipped. You make bad life choices. So do bums with their shoe theft plans that get them killed. Anyway, we are back and so is Dane.