LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West and Frank Linkz review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.

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episode 44: 113: Young Man's Fancy (TZ 334)

His mom's warm holes are his fancy.


 2018-09-05  45m

episode 42: 111: The Dummy (TZ 333)

Mental illness is the real dummy.


 2018-08-29  54m

episode 40: 109: The Trade-Ins (TZ 331)

Frank needs to do a Trade-In on his internet provider.


 2018-08-22  26m

episode 39: 108: Hocus-Pocus And Frisby (TZ 330)

Frank Frisby Linkz. Phoenix Vinnegar Like A Corpse West.


 2018-08-15  58m

episode 38: 107: Four O'Clock (TZ 329)

This subtitle is an evil doctor whose only crime is trying to do an impossible task of saving every life.


 2018-08-09  42m

episode 37: 106: I Shot An Arrow Into The Air Redux (TZ 115)

Where it landed, I just don't fucking care.


 2018-08-09  45m

episode 36: 105: The Little People (TZ 328)

He is a god to and represents the lollipop guild.


 2018-08-01  34m

episode 35: 104: Person Or Persons Unknown (TZ 327)

It's unknown if this person or these persons all have a passion for window jumping.


 2018-08-01  57m

episode 34: 103: The Simi Valley Acorn Is Still Written In The Twilight Zone

Peter pickleballed Pam and Pablo per their provocation.


 2018-07-25  30m

episode 33: 102: Little Girl Lost (TZ 326)

Someone took some acid when they made this.


 2018-07-25  54m