LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West, Frank Linkz & Dick Dickette review every episode of The Twilight Zone (all versions) and Night Gallery. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.

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episode 1: 38: TZ1959 - 202 - The Man In The Bottle

One time I dreamed of a genie named Shaq that was The Man In The Bottle. It was a shitty dream.


 2017-07-04  24m

episode 2: 39: TZ1959 - 203 - Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room

A Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room should be nervous. He has made a ton of mistakes to get there.


 2017-07-04  18m

episode 3: 40: TZ1959 - 204 - A Thing About Machines

The Ring is A Thing About Machines.


 2017-07-05  38m

episode 4: 41: TZ1959 - 205 - The Howling Man

The Howling Man is apparently not a werewolf. What a letdown.


 2017-07-05  24m

episode 5: 42: TZ1959 - 206 - Eye Of The Beholder

All hail Pig-Hitler. His beauty surely is in the eye of the beholder.


 2017-09-12  35m

episode 6: 43: TZ1959 - 207 - Nick Of Time

Our couple almost committed suicide in this episode but were saved in the Nick Of Time.


 2017-09-12  40m

episode 7: 44: TZ1959 - 208 - The Lateness Of The Hour

The Lateness Of The Hour is exactly when this episode made me fall asleep.


 2017-09-12  33m

episode 8: 45: TZ1959 - 209 - The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton is that he's not a big enough dick. This episode cures him of that.


 2017-09-19  42m

episode 9: 46: TZ1959 - 210 - A Most Unusual Camera

A Most Unusual Camera is the stage name of the camera used in 2 Girls 1 Cup.


 2017-09-19  46m

episode 10: 47: TZ1959 - 211 - The Night Of The Meek

The Night Of The Meek is the next name for your local indie band.


 2017-09-27  48m