LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West, Frank Linkz, Adam Wilcox & Dick Dickette review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.

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 2021-07-14  1h9m

episode 62: 273: TZ1959 - 206 - Eye Of The Beholder Redux Tribute To Adam Wilcox (Live)

This one's for you, Adam. I'm sorry we don't agree with you.


 2021-07-20  1h2m

episode 63: 274: TZ1985 - 327 - Love Is Blind (Live)

Don't sing me my own fate, bro. Don't harass me with your blind lyrics, bro.


 2021-07-20  1h11m

episode 64: 275: TZ2002 - 125 - Fair Warning (Live)

Don't stalk me, bro. Don't bilocate then become one with your conscious to me, bro.


 2021-07-20  21m

episode 65: 276: TZ1985 - 120A - Profile In Silver (Live)

No Profile memory In blackout Silver.


 2021-07-28  40m

episode 66: 277: TZ1985 - 108A - Act Break (Live)

We need to take an Act Break from these awful shows but yet we press on.


 2021-07-28  35m

episode 67: 278: TZ1985 - 109A - Dead Woman's Shoes (Live)

Dead Woman's Shoes tell no tales. Wait, no, I guess they tell a lot of them. And pull guns.


 2021-07-28  1h13m

episode 68: 279: Night Gallery - 206B - The Devil Is Not Mocked (Live)

He isn't the Devil. He's Dracula. Count Dracula. Now get him nazi blood.


 2021-08-04  30m

episode 69: 280: TZ1985 - 108B - The Burning Man (Live)

The Wicker Man vs. The Burning Man. Go!


 2021-08-04  44m

episode 70: 281: TZ2002 - 123 - Last Lap (Live)

I wish they didn't even have the first lap. Wait, it was also the lap. Cancel the episode.


 2021-08-04  30m