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Anthony Irwin brings you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. He digs deep into all the latest around LA's premiere franchise on "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers


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LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 4/4/17 -- Could Luol Deng miraculously get traded?

God bless the Orlando Magic. Heading into a Monday night in which the lone actual Lakers news was Jeanie Buss being voted into a lifetime position as controlling governor of the organization, suffice it so say Harrison and I were a little nervous abou...


 2017-04-04  35m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 4/3/17 -- Did their win over the Grizzlies just cost the Lakers their lottery pick?

Yet again, the Los Angeles Lakers put their fan base in the precarious position having to go through the identity crisis that typically accompanies rooting against their favorite team. Beating a Memphis Grizzlies team even without Marc Gasol is a good...


 2017-04-03  38m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/31/17 -- Seven things we want to see in the Lakers’ final seven games

The Los Angeles Lakers have seven games remaining in their lost season, but the opportunity they have to try new things and evaluate their players shouldn’t be wasted. Bu what should the team be looking for, and what should they experiment with? With ...


 2017-03-31  31m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/30/17 -- What should the Lakers do if they lose their pick?

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the second-worst record in the NBA, but if the team’s first-round draft pick falls outside of the top-three, the team will have to send it to the Philadelphia 76ers. What will the Lakers’ response be should that d...


 2017-03-30  27m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/29/17 -- D’Angelo Russell impresses, plus talking tanking and Buss family drama

The last couple episodes have looked at the Los Angeles Lakers in a broader sense, taking into account the goings on across the National Basketball Association. So, with Harrison coming back, there was plenty to catch up on. First and foremost, the La...


 2017-03-29  40m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/28/17 -- Why wins aren’t always a bad thing despite tanking

An odd thing happens anytime the Los Angeles Lakers win. Well it isn’t odd, so much as it is annoying, but still. Fans lose their minds when the Lakers fail to lose. Last Friday night, the Lakers played the Minnesota Timberwolves in a fun OT game that...


 2017-03-28  34m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/27/17 -- Will the ‘championship or bust’ mentality ever go away?

The Los Angeles Lakers spent their Sunday evening getting their tails whupped by the Portland Trail Blazers so talking about the game itself wasn’t really an option. To be completely honest, we basically forgot that game happened and have moved on the ...


 2017-03-27  58m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/24/17 -- How would Shaq have fared in the modern NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers will give Shaquille O’Neal a well-deserved statue at Staples Center Friday, and with little actual news around the team to discuss, hosts Harrison Faigen and Anthony Irwin decided to spend half an hour talking about the Big Arist...


 2017-03-24  39m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/23/17 -- What is Jordan Clarkson’s ceiling?

A few weeks back, we discussed D’Angelo Russell as in-depth as just about anyone has to this point. Jordan Clarkson has become about as polarizing as anyone on the Los Angeles Lakers, so we decided to give him similar treatment. Greatness ensued. Or s...


 2017-03-23  46m

LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 3/22/17 -- Ranking the Lakers’ young core after their loss to the Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers were thoroughly destroyed by the L.A. Clippers in a 133-109 loss that was even less close than the score would indicate, leaving our podcast with very little on the court action to look at in the latest episode. So after wrapping...


 2017-03-22  19m