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The Next Four Years: what should we expect for America?

Contributor(s): Professor Desmond King, Mark Landler, Professor Paula D. McClain, Professor Theda Skocpol | What will the next administration's international and domestic priorities be? A roundtable discussion with leading experts on American politics. Meet our speakers and chair Desmond King is Andrew W Mellon Professor of American Government and Professorial Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford...



A Decade of Behavioural Science at LSE: A Fireside chat with Professor Paul Dolan

Contributor(s): Professor Paul Dolan | Join us for this fireside chat where Paul Dolan will be reflecting on ten years of behavioural science at LSE, discussing biases, narratives, happiness, resilience and more. We will be summarising the learnings from behavioural science in the last 10 years, drawing from research from LSE and beyond. We will also be looking to the future, mapping out the most important and exciting areas of study...



Key Workers and Inequality

Contributor(s): Kate Bell, Deborah Hargreaves | The vital labour of 'key workers' has been widely lauded during the pandemic. But can the trend of recent decades toward inequalities in earning and status be reversed? Meet our speakers and chair Kate Bell (@kategobell) is the Head of the Rights, International, Social and Economics department at the TUC...



Hayekian Behavioural Economics

Contributor(s): Professor Cass R. Sunstein | Friedrich Hayek argued for freedom of choice based on outsiders knowing much less than choosers so that interferences with personal freedom will make choosers worse off. This lecture will explore the challenge to that argument that comes from behavioural economics and discusses an ongoing program of research which has created a form of Hayekian behavioural economics. Meet our speaker and chair Cass R...



What’s the point of social science in a pandemic?

Contributor(s): Professor Laura Bear, Nikita Simpson, Professor Joan Roses, Dr Adam Oliver, Dr Clare Wenham, Professor Patrick Wallis | In this month’s episode of the LSE IQ podcast we ask, ‘What’s the point of social science in a pandemic?’. On the 23rd March 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the country’s first national lockdown. In the months since, there has been a seismic shift in all our lives...



The 'True' Brexit: where are we now?

Contributor(s): Professor Tony Travers, Jill Rutter, Vicky Pryce, Professor Katy Hayward | In the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the negotiations for the UK’s future relationship with the EU look even more challenging. Now that the UK is finishing its transition to Brexit, do we now know what it means? We explore the realities of Brexit for government, the economy, and our politics and look ahead to the policy choices we face...


 2020-12-10  1h23m

Why Aren't Policy-Makers and the Public Demanding That More Emphasis is Placed in Happiness?

Contributor(s): Lord O'Donnell | Join Gus O'Donnell and Paul Dolan in conversation, as they discuss the role of happiness in public policy. Gus O'Donnell (@Gus_ODonnell) was Cabinet Secretary and Head of the British Civil Service from 2005-2011 and is currently Chairman of Frontier Economics. Paul Dolan (@profpauldolan) is Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science...


 2020-12-09  1h11m

Report of the UK Wealth Tax Commission

Contributor(s): Dr Andy Summers, Emma Chamberlain, Dr Arun Advani | The unprecedented public spending required to tackle COVID-19 has been followed by debates about how to rebuild public finances and tackle inequalities exposed by the crisis. This event launches the final report of a major new project investigating the desirability and feasibility of a ‘wealth tax’ for the UK...


 2020-12-09  1h28m

Why Does Globalisation Fuel Populism, and What Can We Do About It?

Contributor(s): Professor Sara Hobolt | Dani Rodrik will explore the globalisation backlash and the ways (hyper-) globalisation has produced a political counter-reaction. He will present an alternative model of globalisation that is more compatible with economic prosperity and social inclusion. Dani Rodrik (@rodrikdani) is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government...


 2020-12-08  1h28m

Imperialism and the Developing World

Contributor(s): Professor Atul Kohli, Dr Natalya Naqvi | How did Western imperialism shape the developing world? And what effect has Anglo-American expansionism had on economic development in poor parts of the world? This discussion will cover how Atul Kohli tackles this question in his new book, Imperialism and the Developing World, by analyzing British and American influence on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America from the age of the British East India Company to the most recent U...


 2020-12-08  1h28m