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Twilight of Democracy: the failure of politics and the parting of friends [Audio]

Speaker(s): Anne Applebaum | Anne Applebaum discusees her new book, Twilight of Democracy...



Populism in the Post-COVID-19 World [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Sara Hobolt, Professor Michael Ignatieff, Professor Andrés Velasco, Jesse Norman MP | Until COVID-19 hit, populist politicians of the right and the left –many of them with evident authoritarian leanings— were on the rise around the world. This panel will focus on the causes and consequences of this populist surge, and will discuss ways in which liberal democracies can respond to the challenge of authoritarian populism...



How to Reform the WTO? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Ambassador Dr Jesus Seade, Sir Vince Cable, Dr Swati Dhingra, Piroska Nagy Mohacsi | The selection of the World Trade Organization's new Director General presents an opportunity for reform, but it could also result in a further weakening of the institution. Nominations for the position have just closed. LSE is organising a mini-series of presentations and discussions with the candidates...



Journalism, Power and Pandemic [Audio]

Speaker(s): Anushka Asthana, Pippa Crerar, Annette Dittert, Richard Horton, Sir Craig Oliver | How well has the UK news media kept the public informed and held the authorities to account during the COVID-19 crisis? Leading journalists and political communicators discuss how the news media has coped with the practical, editorial and political challenges of covering coronavirus...



COVID-19 and the Economy: what are the lessons so far? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Silvana Tenreyro | Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Silvana Tenreyro will discuss some of the emerging academic research on the macroeconomics of COVID-19, including how it has influenced her recent monetary policy decisions. Silvana Tenreyro is Professor in Economics in the Department of Economics at LSE and an external member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England. She obtained her MA and PhD in Economics from Harvard University...



Against the System: anger, belonging and the crisis of liberalism [Audio]

Speaker(s): Eric Lonergan, Martin Sandbu, Professor Lea Ypi | Recent elections in the advanced western democracies have undermined the basic foundations of political systems that had previously beaten back all challenges-from both the left and the right. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the backlash, further destabilising an already fragile political order...



Prospects for the UK Economy and Public Spending After COVID-19: new austerity or a new economy? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Stephanie Flanders, Professor Stephen Machin, Dr Gemma Tetlow | The UK government’s response to COVID-19 has seen sudden growth in public spending accompanied by a sharp fall in tax receipts. Public sector borrowing may exceed £300bn in 2020-21, with the UK’s national debt exceeding annual GDP for the first time for decades...



Debt Relief and Africa During COVID-19: the global response [Audio]

Speaker(s): Mma Amara Ekeruche, Professor Anna Gelpern, Eric LeCompte, Dr Shirley Yu, Dr David Luke | The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated government fiscal policies across the globe, and economies worldwide are heading into historic recessions. Countries’ capabilities to address new challenges are increasingly stretched, yet efforts to tackle a health crisis in a globalised world remain highly interconnected...



Is big data good for our health? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Stephen L...


 2020-07-08  39m

Policies to Fight the Pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Eric Parrado Herrera, Dr Victoria Nuguer, Dr Andrew Powell, Professor Andrés Velasco, Brian Wynter | The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is taking a huge toll across the world, and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean are taking aggressive measures to save lives. Within a matter of weeks, the macroeconomic outlook for the region has changed dramatically. Financing costs have risen, commodities fallen, and large losses of GDP now seem unavoidable...


 2020-07-07  1h29m