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Social Integration and Inequality in London [Audio]

Speaker(s): Sadiq Khan, Afua Hirsch | London is one of the most diverse and progressive cities in the world, but rapid change means social cohesion is being put to the test like never before. In discussion with Afua Hirsch, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will state why it’s essential that London is a city for all of us. Afua Hirsch (@afuahirsch) is a writer, journalist and broadcaster and is the Wallis Annenberg Chair in Journalism and Communication at USC...



Challenges Facing the Euro [Audio]

Speaker(s): François Villeroy de Galhau | The Governor of the Bank of France will take to the LSE stage to recall the tangible assets that the Euro has already provided to the Euro area and will focus on the efforts needed towards building a stronger Europe, against the backdrop of Brexit, while stressing three priorities: increasing resilience, increasing growth and affirming sovereignty...



What Citizens of the World Can Learn from Nationalism [Audio]

Speaker(s): Hassan Damluji | Today, globalism is seen as a reckless elitist plot. Meanwhile, nationalists are derided as racists and bigots. But what if the two were not so far apart? In this talk, British-Iraqi development expert Hassan Damluji discusses The Responsible Globalist, a manifesto for building an inclusive global nation. Hassan Damluji (@hassandamluji) leads the Middle East team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...


 2019-09-16  1h30m

Narrative Economics [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Robert Shiller | Join us to hear from Nobel Prize winning economist and New York Times bestselling author Robert Shiller who will in this lecture talk about his new book which argues that looking at viral stories’ impact on the economy - an approach he coined as “narrative economics” - gives forecasters better tools for predicting a recession. Robert J...


 2019-09-10  1h17m

LSE IQ Episode 26 |Why do we need food banks? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr. Aaron Reeves, Laura Lane, Daphine Aikens | Welcome to LSE’s award-winning podcast, LSE IQ, where we ask leading social scientists and other experts to answer an intelligent question. In this episode, Joanna Bale asks ‘Why do we need food banks?’ She talks to LSE’s Aaron Reeves and Laura Lane, as well as Daphine Aikens, founder and CEO of Hammersmith and Fulham food bank, and some of her clients.


 2019-08-13  38m

The Levelling: what's next after globalisation [Audio]

Speaker(s): Michael O'Sullivan | The liberal, globalised world order is withering according to Michael O'Sullivan in his new book The Levelling: What's Next After Globalization which he will talk about in this lecture. The levelling is the process of ironing out imbalances like indebtedness and inequality, and proposing new ideas and frameworks to kickstart the next world order...


 2019-06-27  1h25m

Britain and Europe: how did we get here, and where do we go next? [Audio]

Speaker(s): David Miliband | This year’s Maurice Fraser annual lecture will take the form of a conversation between David Miliband and Professor Kevin Featherstone, followed by questions from the audience. The discussion will assess the state of play of the UK’s attempt to find a parliamentary majority for leaving the EU, and put into geopolitical context the choices and the stakes in the negotiations about our future relations with our European neighbours...


 2019-06-21  1h16m

Global Health and Inequality [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Sudhir Anand, Professor Amartya Sen | To ensure that people live long and healthy lives it is important to know what kills different groups of people in different places. The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) based on the Disability-Adjusted Life Year has been developed to do this. This lecture shows how this measure leads to various anomalies and biases, in particular it underestimates the health problems experienced by women and children...


 2019-06-18  1h30m

Finding My Voice: my journey to the West Wing and the path forward [Audio]

Speaker(s): Valerie Jarrett | Join Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama in conversation with LSE's Peter Trubowitz about her new book. When Valerie Jarrett interviewed a promising young lawyer named Michelle Robinson in July 1991 for a job in Chicago city government, neither knew that it was the first step on a path that would end in the White House...


 2019-06-18  57m

#7 | Dealing with rejection in academia [Audio]

Contributor(s): Laura Mann, Nwando Achebe, Tinashe Nyamunda, Leonard Wantchekon, Tin Hinane El Kadi | Criticism and rejection are part of the scholarly experience. Episode 7 gives practical advice on how to deal with feedback from editors and reviewers, as well as tips on how to improve your work. Senior scholars share stories of their own setbacks, inspiring younger researchers who work on Africa to engage with the taboo conversations around 'Revise and Resubmit' and 'Rejection'.


 2019-06-14  32m