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Jobs only for the most skilled at the right age? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Fredrik Reinfeldt | Structural changes and several crises in recent years have put tremendous pressure on the labour market. Many jobs are gone, but a lot of new jobs have been created. The challenge which emerges is that many new jobs have very different skills profiles to jobs that have been lost. Many people risk ending up outside the labour market...


 2015-10-26  1h21m

Paris and Beyond: how will we gain traction and build momentum for the orderly transition to a zero carbon and resilient economy? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Rachel Kyte | The Paris Accord, the hoped for ambitious agreement, to be decided at the 21st Convention of the Parties of the UNFCCC, this December, will set us on a new pathway towards zero carbon growth...


 2015-10-22  1h26m

Between Debt and the Devil: money, credit and fixing global finance [Audio]

Speaker(s): Lord Turner | Too much private debt led to the disastrous crisis of 2008. In future public policy must constrain the quantity and influence the allocation of private credit creation. And we should ‘print money’ to escape the post crisis mess. That sounds dangerous – but relying on private credit to drive growth is more so. Adair Turner (@AdairTurnerUK) has combined careers in business, public policy and academia...


 2015-10-21  1h20m

Justice, Accountability and Human Rights in India [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dushyant Dave | India has faced serious challenges from internal and external armed groups and terrorists. Tens of thousands of citizens and several thousand security personnel have lost their lives in recent years. Reprisals by security forces have in turn led to serious human rights violations...


 2015-10-21  1h32m

Too Many Children Left Behind: the US achievement gap in comparative perspective [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Jane Waldfogel, Dr Lee Elliott Major | The belief that with hard work and determination, all children have the opportunity to succeed in life is a cherished part of the American Dream. Yet, increased inequality in America has made that dream more difficult for many to obtain. In Too Many Children Left Behind, an international team of social scientists assesses how social mobility varies in the United States compared with Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom...


 2015-10-21  1h20m

Natural Capital: valuing the planet [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Dieter Helm | Natural capital is what nature provides to us for free. Renewables - like species - keep on coming, provided we do not drive them towards extinction. Non-renewables - like oil and gas - can only be used once. Together, they are the foundation that ensures our survival and well-being, and the basis of all economic activity...


 2015-10-20  1h16m

Other People's Money [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor John Kay | Modern economies need finance, to enable us to make payments, transfer wealth across our lifetimes and between generations, allocate capital and maintain the corporate and physical infrastructure, and to help us manage the risks of everyday life. Instead, we have created a financial world that talks to itself, trades with itself, and is increasingly divorced from the activities of the real economy...


 2015-10-20  1h18m

The Modern Mercenary: private armies and what they mean for world order [Audio]

Speaker(s): Sean McFate | It was 2004, and Sean McFate had a mission in Burundi: to keep the president alive and prevent the country from spiralling into genocide, without anyone knowing that the United States was involved. The United States was, of course, involved, but only through McFate's employer, the military contractor DynCorp International. Throughout the world, similar scenarios are playing out daily. The United States can no longer go to war without contractors...


 2015-10-19  1h26m

Before Theory Comes Theorizing or How to Make Social Science More Interesting [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Richard Swedberg | Editor's note: Part of the question and answer session has been omitted from the podcast owing to technical problems with the recording. By paying more attention to what happens in actual practice before a theory is formulated – what may be called the methods of habits of theorizing – social science and sociology may be considerably improved. Richard Swedberg is Professor of Sociology at Cornell University...


 2015-10-15  1h10m

The Book and the Believer: are Catholics, Jews and Muslims still outsiders in British society? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Sughra Ahmed, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Dr Ruth Gilbert, Dr Edward Kessler | The Institute of Public Affairs, in partnership with the Pears Foundation and the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, will host an interfaith discussion on the theme “The Book and the Believer: are Catholics, Jews and Muslims still outsiders in British society?” Three public figures will share their interesting and provocative perspectives, from their experience of belonging to a minority religious tradition in modern...


 2015-10-15  1h24m