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Economics Rules: the rights and wrongs of the dismal science [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Dani Rodrik | Based on his new book, Economics Rules: The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science, Professor Rodrik will give an accessible introduction to the strengths of the discipline of economics and why it is so often misunderstood, not least by its practitioners...


 2015-10-07  1h13m

Why Cities Succeed and Fail Today [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Michael Storper, Dr Thomas Kemeny, Dr Naji Makarem | How well a city will cope with new opportunities and challenges relies on economic specialisation, human capital formation, and institutional factors. World-leading economic geographer Michael Storper challenges many conventional notions about economic development and sheds new light on its workings in his new book The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies...


 2015-10-07  1h20m

HeForShe #GetFree tour: panel discussion on developing an inclusive campus culture [Audio]

Speaker(s): Douglas Booth, Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Lena Schofield, Hilary Stauffer, Charles Stephens | The panel discussion will focus on building a more inclusive campus culture...


 2015-10-07  1h3m

A Right to Migrate? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Chris Bertram, Emily Dugan, Professor Matthew Gibney, Madeleine Sumption | Most people would agree that we have a right to leave our country of origin. But since leaving one country usually means arriving in another, do we also have a right to immigrate? If so, how can this be reconciled with a state’s apparent right to exclude? We bring together a panel of philosophers and migration experts to discuss these and related questions...


 2015-10-06  1h24m

On Liberty: a conversation with Shami Chakrabarti [Audio]

Speaker(s): Shami Chakrabarti | To mark the paperback release of On Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti will be in conversation with Conor Gearty and taking questions from the audience and Twitter. You can send your questions via Twitter to @LSELaw using #LSEShami. In On Liberty Shami explores why our fundamental rights and freedoms are paramount in upholding democracy, and how they are coming under unprecedented pressure today...


 2015-10-06  1h28m

Myanmar on the Brink [Audio]

Speaker(s): Mark Canning, Dr Jurgen Haacke, Shibani Mahtani | In 2010 the world saw in Myanmar both relief and opportunity when - thirteen years after Myanmar achieved ASEAN membership - political and economic reforms began, shifting Myanmar away from isolationist military rule towards civilian government...


 2015-10-05  1h26m

Does Europe Have a Future? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Stephen M Walt | Professor Walt will discuss strategic challenges facing the European Union and explore the geopolitical implications of a weaker Europe for the West. Stephen M Walt (@stephenWalt) is Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. Peter Trubowitz is Professor of International Relations and Director of the US Centre at the LSE...


 2015-10-01  1h21m

'Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL': Machine Intelligence and the Law [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Andrew Murray | Editor's note: for rights reasons the films clips presented in the lecture have been obscured in the video. Links to the film clips can be found in the related links section at bottom of the LSE podcast page. HAL 9000 will soon no longer be science fiction: sentient machines will quickly be with us. As “smart agents” make decisions for human actors a number of issues will emerge centred on four key challenges: privacy, personality, liberty, and locus...


 2015-09-30  1h25m

The Future of Britain and Europe [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Simon Hix | With the countdown to a likely In/Out Referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, Professor Hix will discuss possible options for the reform of Britain’s relationship with the EU and the likely long-term consequences for the UK and the EU of a Yes or a No vote...


 2015-09-30  1h24m

The Nature of Memory: perspectives from art, history and neuroscience [Audio]

Speaker(s): Jessica Bland, Dr Sebastian Groes, Professor Adam Roberts, Professor Barry C Smith | Our ability to mentally travel in time and re-experience past events is thought to be a fundamental feature of what makes us human...


 2015-09-29  1h29m