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This Is London [Audio]

Speaker(s): Ben Judah | This is the new London: an immigrant city. Over one-third of Londoners were born abroad, with half arriving since the millennium. This has utterly transformed the capital. Ben Judah, foreign correspondent, turns his reporter’s eye to home to expose the fossilized myths of our capital city. Ben Judah (@b_judah) was born in London. He has travelled widely in Russia, Central Asia and the Levant...


 2016-01-26  1h19m

Whither France? The Pessimistic Turn in Modern French Thought [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh | How have the rise of conservative and inward looking intellectual traditions undermined France’s progressive imagination? Can French progressive ideals be revived? Sudhir Hazareesingh is CUF Lecturer in Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Balliol College, University of Oxford. Robin Archer is Director of the Ralph Miliband Programme at LSE...


 2016-01-25  1h25m

Subjects of Reason: goods, markets and imaginaries of the global future [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Sheila Jasanoff | The lecture will look at how discourses of exchange create commensurable systems of exchange across highly disparate regions and forms of life. Three legal encounters will be considered as points of friction: the creation of the single carbon market; the regulation of GMOs by the World Trade Organisation; and the Novartis-India litigation on the cancer drug Gleevec...


 2016-01-21  1h36m

IMPRESS and the Future of UK Press Regulation [Audio]

Speaker(s): Walter Merricks | The Chair of Impress, Walter Merricks, will outline the role and ambitions of his organisation, which has been established as a Leveson-compliant regulator. Walter Merricks was the first Chief Ombudsman of the Financial Ombudsman Service. He has been involved in dispute resolution and regulation in the fields of legal services, healthcare, insurance, energy and intellectual property, among others...


 2016-01-20  1h28m

Business for Punks [Audio]

Speaker(s): James Watt | BrewDog has been built in an unconventional way, borne out of boredom with conventional lagers and a desire to enjoy great craft beer. Their business philosophy will be outlined in five key themes, underpinned in the new book Business for Punks. In this lecture, James will go into detail...


 2016-01-19  1h5m

Lessons for the Euro from America's Past [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Jeffry Frieden | Drawing on early America’s struggle to develop a single currency, Professor Frieden will discuss the implications for the European Union’s efforts today to provide monetary and financial stability. Jeffry Frieden is Professor of Government at Harvard University. He specializes in the politics of international monetary and financial relations...


 2016-01-19  1h28m

Your Body By Darwin [Audio]

Speaker(s): Jeremy Taylor | An evolutionary understanding of our bodies throws new light on why we get ill and how to cure disease. Jeremy Taylor reveals compelling insights from the rapidly developing field of Darwinian medicine. Jeremy Taylor has enjoyed a long career in BBC public broadcasting, specialising in science. Now a science writer, this lecture is based on his second book Body by Darwin. Dr Ann Robinson (@annrobi62395918) is a GP and health writer for the Guardian...


 2016-01-19  52m

Debt, Demographics and the Distribution of Income: new challenges for monetary policy [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Gertjan Vlieghe | Debt, demographics and the distribution of income can have significant and long-lasting effects on the economy. Historically, these 3 D’s have not been a major focus for monetary policy, but that is starting to change. Dr Gertjan Vlieghe joined the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England on 1 September 2015...


 2016-01-18  1h25m

Emotions: do they control us? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Lisa Bortolotti, Professor Giovanna Colombetti; Dr Benedetto De Martino | From financial decisions to medical choices and political beliefs, emotion plays a crucial role. What is emotion and what is it good for? How is it represented in the brain and do human emotions differ from other animals? We will discuss the notion that emotion is the primary factor that controls our every action...


 2016-01-18  1h23m

Non-Western Mathematics [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Robin Wilson | Explore the mathematics of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and the Mayans. Robin Wilson is Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics, LSE. Jan van den Heuvel (@JanvadeHe) is Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, LSE...


 2016-01-18  1h27m