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The Long Goodbye: how the crisis casts a long shadow [Audio]

Speaker(s): Martin Wolf | Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times Martin Wolf gives an insightful and timely analysis of why the financial crisis occurred, and of the radical reforms needed if we are to avoid a future repeat. Arguing the future financial crises are 'certain,' Wolf outlines his ambitious recommendations for reforming the financial system. Martin Wolf (@martinwolf_) is Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, London...


 2015-11-09  1h12m

Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy [Audio]

Speaker(s): Zainab Salbi, Margot Wallström | What does Sweden’s concept of feminist foreign policy imply and what can it teach governments and institutions? How can it further the global agenda of women, peace and security? Zainab Salbi (@ZainabSalbi) is an author, women's rights activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur and media commentator. Margot Wallström (@margotwallstrom) is Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden...


 2015-11-09  1h9m

What is the Future of Visual Arts Philanthropy in the UK? [Audio]

Speaker(s): James Lingwood, Alex Sainsbury | In light of government funding cuts and the continuing air of austerity, alternative donor streams are crucial for many arts initiatives. With Britain’s traditional funding outlets increasingly pressured, private sources of philanthropy and unusual models of patronage are heralded to support artistic endeavour. This panel will debate the advantages and perils of this changing cultural landscape of state and private support...


 2015-11-09  1h21m

In Conversation with Amartya Sen [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Amartya Sen | At this event Amartya Sen will be in conversation about his latest publication, The Country of First Boys, which is a new collection of cultural essays in which Sen examines social justice and welfare, by addressing some of the fundamental issues of our time like deprivation, disparity, hunger, illiteracy, alienation, globalisation, media, freedom of speech, injustice, inequality, exclusion, and exploitation. Amartya Sen is Thomas W...


 2015-11-06  1h27m

Social Media and Social Change: analyzing debates over valuation [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Walter W Powell | Civil society is challenged to demonstrate its impact. Network and linguistic analyses of webpages reveal intense struggles among governments, businesses, and nonprofits to define effectiveness. Walter W. Powell is Professor of Education, Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science and Engineering, and Public Policy, Stanford University. Judy Wajcman is Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology at LSE...


 2015-11-05  1h21m

Suffragette: the making of the film [Audio]

Speaker(s): Elizabeth Crawford, Sarah Gavron, Faye Ward | The Women's Library is one of LSE Library's most important special collections, documenting the history and foundation of the women's suffrage movement. Do not miss this unique opportunity for LSE staff and students to discover more about the making of the film 'Suffragette'. We are delighted to welcome Sarah, Faye and Elizabeth to discuss their experiences making the film and the historical period in which it is set...


 2015-11-05  51m

Russian Foreign Policy as an Exercise in Nation-Building [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Dimitri Trenin | Leading Moscow-based analyst Dimitri Trenin opens up the black-box of Russia’s foreign policy and sheds light in particular on the role of the internal factors. This public lecture is organised on the occasion of the publication of Russia’s Foreign Policy: Ideas, Domestic Politics and External Relations, a collective volume co-edited by LSE academics Dr David Cadier and Professor Margot Light, to which Dr Trenin contributed a chapter...


 2015-11-03  1h26m

Alastair Campbell - Winners and How They Succeed [Audio]

Speaker(s): Alastair Campbell | Alastair Campbell, the former spokesman and strategist for Tony Blair, will speak about Winners and How They Succeed to the LSE Media Alumni Group on 2 November 2015. Alastair helped guide Labour to victory in three successive general elections, and knows what it takes to succeed...


 2015-11-02  1h30m

Social Class in the 21st Century [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Niall Cunningham, Professor Fiona Devine, Dr Sam Friedman, Dr Daniel Laurison, Dr Lisa McKenzie, Professor Mike Savage, Dr Helene Snee, Dr Paul Wakeling | A fresh take on social class from the experts behind the BBC's 'Great British Class Survey'. Social class has re-emerged as a topic of enormous scholarly and public attention...


 2015-11-02  1h17m

Will the 21st Century be Asian? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Michael Cox, Professor Danny Quah, Dr Leslie Vinjamuri | If the 19th century was Europe's - and the 20th century became America's - is there any reason why the 21st century should not be Asia's? Michael Cox is Director of LSE IDEAS. Danny Quah (@DannyQuah) is Director of the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre...


 2015-11-02  1h26m