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Cyberphobia: identity, trust, security and the internet [Audio]

Speaker(s): Edward Lucas | Crossing the road, we look both ways. Riding a bicycle at night, we use lights. Driving a car, we wear seatbelts...


 2015-09-28  1h26m

The Way Forward for Europe: a union of solidarity and differentiation? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Emmanuel Macron | "From one border of the EU to the other, the European ideal is being challenged. Now is the time to reopen the economic and political debate, and to fix the Eurozone as part of a greater deal for a Union in which all member states find their place", wrote Emmanuel Macron in a common OpEd with S. Gabriel (June 2015)...


 2015-09-24  53m

Why Demography Needs (New) Theories [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Wendy Sigle | It is widely acknowledged that the theoretical perspectives that inform demographic inquiry have often come from other disciplines. While the influence of the rational actor paradigm and economic methodologies have exerted a prominent influence on how demographic research is conducted, mainstream (and quantitative) demography has remained remarkably impervious to the theoretical interventions of feminism and other critical perspectives...


 2015-09-23  1h22m

One plus One Equals Three: a masterclass in creative thinking [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dave Trott | Editor's note: This podcast contains explicit language, please do not download if you may be offended. Dave Trott will talk about his latest book, One Plus One Equals Three, that goes straight to the heart of the creative impulse. The books collection of provocative anecdotes and thought experiments are designed to light a fire under your own creative ambitions...


 2015-09-21  1h24m

Inside the Nudge Unit: how small changes can make a big difference [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr David Halpern | It all started as a cautious experiment. In 2010, David Cameron set up the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT or ‘Nudge Unit’) at 10 Downing Street. Plans were greeted with wry amusement from the media and deep scepticism from the corridors of Whitehall. Not many believed it would last, yet within 18 months, the team was producing results which changed the minds of critics inside and outside the government...


 2015-09-15  1h23m

Black Earth: the Holocaust as history and warning [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Timothy Snyder | In this lecture Timothy Snyder (@TimothyDSnyder) will talk about his new book, Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, in which he argues we have missed basic lessons of the history of the Holocaust, and that some of our beliefs are frighteningly close to the panic that Hitler expressed in the 1920’s. As ideological and environmental challenges to the world order mount, our societies might be more vulnerable than we would like to think...


 2015-09-14  1h26m

What Economics and Public Policy Can Learn from Engineering Design [Audio]

Speaker(s): Guru Madhavan | Guru Madhavan will discuss the essentials of the engineering mind-set—based on narratives from his book Think Like an Engineer—and explore how the application of concepts including optimization, reliability, and efficiency could help inform and enhance approaches in economics and public policy. Guru Madhavan (@BioengineerGM) is a biomedical engineer and senior policy adviser...


 2015-09-09  1h22m

How to Apply the 80/20 Rule for Increased Productivity, Happiness and Freedom [Audio]

Speaker(s): Shaa Wasmund | Editor's note: This podcast contains explicit language, please do not download if you may be offended. Entrepreneur and author of bestsellers Stop Talking, Start Doing and Do Less, Get More, Shaa Wasmund explains how to apply the well-known Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto's 'law of the vital few' to become more productive and happy. This event marks the publication of her latest book Do Less, Get More: How to Work Smart and Live Life Your Way...


 2015-09-08  1h36m

How Business Can be a Force for Good [Audio]

Speaker(s): Nick Giles, Michael Hayman | Editor's note: We apologise for the poor audio quality of this podcast. Owing to a technical problem the question and answer session has been removed. Business as usual is over. Belief is the new currency and to succeed you must follow new rules: purpose as the route to profit; mind share to gain market share...


 2015-08-12  32m

When Will America and China go to war? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Michael Cox | We have been told for years that war between great powers is a thing of the past: something that has been consigned into that proverbial dustbin of history. Yet today serious writers and influential strategic thinkers in the USA and China are now suggesting that war in East Asia is a very real possibility as China rises - and becomes more assertive - and the United States supported by its Asian allies seeks to limit China’s reach...


 2015-08-06  1h23m