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Literary Festival 2016: Worlds Elsewhere: global Shakespeare [Audio]

Speaker(s): Ben Crystal, Andrew Dickson, Dr Varsha Panjwani | Shakespeare has been translated into virtually all the world’s most commonly spoken languages. His plays are performed in a rich variety of theatrical traditions. How did he become the global phenomenon he is today? And how is his work received and interpreted across the world? Ben Crystal (@bencrystal) is an actor, writer and producer. He is the artistic director of Passion in Practice and its Shakespeare Ensemble...


 2016-02-27  1h19m

Literary Festival 2016: Re-Writing History [Audio]

Speaker(s): Tom Holland, Margaret MacMillan | This discussion explores the ways in which history has been re-written to serve the purposes of political leaders or regimes, from Ancient Greece to Communist Russia. Tom Holland (@holland_tom) is the award-winning and bestselling author of Rubicon, Persian Fire, Millennium, In the Shadow of the Sword and most recentlyDynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar...


 2016-02-27  1h34m

Literary Festival 2016: The Future City: cruel or consoling Utopia? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Darran Anderson, Dr Matthew Beaumont, Professor Rachel Cooper | The Future City, as an idea that often relies upon Utopian thinking to sustain itself, can be as cruel as it is consoling. Even as it makes possible investment into urban space as a site of future fulfilment, it regularly fails to deliver upon this promise...


 2016-02-27  1h23m

Literary Festival 2016: BBC: British Born Chinese [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Elena Barabantseva, Anna Chen, Andy Lawrence, Dr Véronique Pin-Fat | Editor's note: The film screening has been removed from the podcast. British Born Chinese engages the everyday struggles of two boys, Dan (aged between 11-13) and Kevin (aged between 12-14), reconciling their Britishness with Chineseness through their experiences at school, as volunteers at a community centre, and at home...


 2016-02-27  39m

Literary Festival 2016: Utopian Gardening, Landscapes and the Imagination [Audio]

Speaker(s): Anna Pavord, Dan Pearson, Margaret Willes | This panel explores our fascination with landscapes, gardening and the control of nature throughout history - their prominence in the artistic and literary imagination, and their place in the hopes and dreams of the ordinary person. Anna Pavord is gardening columnist in the Independent. She writes and presents programmes for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and served for ten years on the Gardens Panel of the National Trust, the last five as Chairman...


 2016-02-27  1h26m

Literary Festival 2016: My Friend Maigret: escapism, dreams and the imagination in Simenon [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor John Gray, Ros Schwartz, John Simenon | Georges Simenon is one of the 20th century’s most prolific authors. His prestigious output included 75 novels starring his most famous creation, Inspector Maigret, and his novels define post-WW1 France with themes that still resonate today. Professor John Gray is the author of a number of highly regarded books including False Dawn, Straw Dogs, The Silence of the Animals and The Soul of the Marionette...


 2016-02-27  1h28m

Literary Festival 2016: Re-Writing the Past vs Imagining the Future [Audio]

Speaker(s): Miriam Halahmy, Philip Womack, M M Vaughan | In this discussion aimed at young adults (or adults who are young at heart), our panel of critically acclaimed YA authors will discuss how they recreate historical events or invent future ones in their writing. Where will your imagination take you? Miriam Halahmy (@MiriamHalahmy) is an author and a poet. She has published four novels and three collections of poetry, as well as short stories and education resources...


 2016-02-27  59m

Literary Festival 2016: Ideals of Equality: feminisms in the twenty-first century [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell, Professor Heidi Mirza, Professor Jacqueline Rose, Zoe Williams | What is the future for feminism? How does feminism interact with concerns about other forms of oppression, such as those based on race and class? Is there one feminist movement or many? If there are many, how should they relate to one another? In this panel, our speakers will discuss these questions and ask what the future holds for feminism(s)...


 2016-02-27  1h25m

Literary Festival 2016: Party Animals: growing up communist [Audio]

Speaker(s): David Aaronovitch | David Aaronovitch talks to Charlie Beckett about his new book Party Animals: My Family and Other Communists. A memoir of early life among communists, Party Animals first took David Aaronovitch back through his own memories of belief and action. But there was much more to it. He found himself studying the old secret service files, uncovering the unspoken shame and fears that provided the unconscious background to his own existence as a party animal...


 2016-02-27  56m

Literary Festival 2016: To Boldly Go: what Star Trek tells us about the world [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Michèle Barrett, Duncan Barrett, Professor Barry Buzan, Professor Steven French | Celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, our panel will explore what this enduring science fiction series can tell us about attitudes to international relations, science and society. Michèle Barrett is Professor of Modern Literary and Cultural Theory at Queen Mary University, London and author, with her son Duncan Barrett of Star Trek: the Human Frontier...


 2016-02-26  1h24m