Look What I Made - DIY indie music podcast with Kevin Pike

Experience the strange world of Kevin Pike Music. Experiments in DIY recording. Jazz, EDM, Rock, Classical, Funk, World, Third Stream and more. Composer/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Pike picks one song per episode and explains how it came about.


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Episode 82 - Peace of Mind

a song I wrote in the mid-nineties, featuring household percussion (scissors, rubber band and key ring)


 2016-11-20  7m

Episode 81 - That Big Ol Chunka Funk is Back

Took a song I wrote 10 years ago and harmonized the melody


 2016-09-14  13m

Episode 80 - Bring It On Home (redux)

laid-back soul jazz featuring alto and baritone sax


 2016-08-03  16m

Episode 79 - Home Away from Home

Saxophone and drums jam over ostinato bass


 2016-05-03  11m

Episode 78 - More

Quirky little indie pop song from 1998 with wah-wah pedal sax solo


 2016-04-25  12m

Episode 77 - The Sound of Things

A contemporary symphony in 4 movements


 2016-04-11  28m

Episode 76 - Out of the Plains

This piece combines hurdy gurdy with baritone sax, alto sax and drums.


 2016-03-13  15m

Episode 75 - Magic

A piece about the truly magical events in your life, featuring saxophone, music box, fireworks and kids playing percussion instruments


 2016-03-01  8m

Episode 74 - Green Sky

This piece evokes the power of a storm in the great plains, complete with tornado sirens, rain, thunder and wind.


 2016-02-06  12m

Episode 73 - A Walk in the Nonlinear Matrix

A piece about the ever-changing landscape due to population sprawl, combining field recordings of a residential neighborhood with traditional instruments


 2016-02-02  11m