Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.




      episode 151: EPISODE 151: Racism, Integration, and the Cult: Gloria Jackson Nefertiti

      Born in 1956 in Gulf Port Mississippi Gloria was in one of the first racial integrated schools, witnessed the race wars, grew up in the Church of God in Christ, and then found herself in a cult.



      MONDAY MELTDOWN: Sorting Through the Rubble of Religion Versus Spirituality

      On this weeks episode, we chat about the idea of sorting through the rubble of our past lives and picking up the parts that were helpful to us. We also discuss Empaths.



      episode 150: EPISODE 150: Life is Fluid: In order to evolve we have to change: Ravyn Celestino

      Ravyn was turned off by Catholicism as a child, and as he’s grown he’s grasped onto many different views over time, and each of them keeps changing. To evolve we should welcome change, right?



      MONDAY MELTDOWN: Chained To Certainty: Are we confused because we have chosen to wander?

      On this weeks episode, we hear from Ethel, a Christian woman who may think we may have fallen into confusion and that doesn't happen to her.



      episode 149: EPISODE 149: Leaving Paradise: Ravyn Celestino

      Raven grew up in Hawaii, dancing near Waikiki Beach as a b-boy with his friends. His fondness for performing and hunger for the arts has him living as an aspiring model and actor off of the islands. We discuss what it's like leaving it all to pursue his dreams.



      MONDAY MELTDOWN: Our Politics Have Devolved Into Whose Team is the Most Winning

      On this weeks episode, we receive a text message political conversation between a conservative, veteran, father and a liberal, gay, son. The outcome? Maybe it's time for us to look at things differently.



      episode 148: EPISODE 148: Learn Your Lessons and Make Your Art!: Shane Browning

      Shane and I are a lot drunker and enjoying each others company in this episode. He tells us about growing up an anti-racist skinhead, and then we turn the corner and begin dreaming of an inclusive artistic future for humanity.



      MONDAY MELTDOWN: What Happens If You Stop Believing in God?

      On this weeks episode, we talk about an article that many of you have sent in. It’s about our brains and what happens to them if stop believing in God.



      episode 147: EPISODE 147: Escaping the Hare Krishna: Shane Browning

      Shane, a hardcore, straight edge kid, recruited by a rock idol to join the Hare Krishna. Traveling with a guru and joining the Krishna Temple. Shane, Texas-raised with a KKK member dad and a Baptist mom finds a way to escape the Hare Krishna life. This is one crazy story.


       2018-06-13  1h10m

      MONDAY MELTDOWN: Suicide, Depression, Anxiety and Anthony Bourdain

      On this weeks episode, we talk about suicide, anxiety, depression and losing Anthony Bourdain. He meant a lot to this podcast. We also hear from fellow Loser Simon, who called in from Orlando, Florida.


       2018-06-12  25m