Losing Our Religion

A former American Megachurch pastor leaves institutional religion to live his life outside of religious exclusivity to embrace and learn from the lives, stories, and experiences of those who have no religion, been hurt by religion, and have chosen more inclusive paths. Who would have thought that the pursuit of normality would be so eye-opening, refreshing, and unifying?




      episode 126: EPISODE 126: No Good, No Evil, Just Us: Matthew Camardo

      Matthew hasn’t had a television in years; he doesn’t own a microwave, he isn't on social media. He’s a commercial fisherman spending months at sea with no connection to the rest of the world. We discuss some hopes for the future of humanity and what it's like to be unplugged.



      episode 125: EPISODE 125: I was an Atheist, now I’m God!: Matthew Camardo

      Matthew grew up Southern Baptist, became an unconscious atheist as a child. He has grown into to his own form of spirituality, willfully accepting of others and he believes he’s god. Wait, WHAT? He hasn’t spoken to his parents in years. The difficulty of coming to your own religious conclusions with a closed minded religious family is an ever-relevant topic.



      episode 124: EPISODE 124: It’s How You Define It: Yulin

      Yulin has the experience of being an American immigrant. Growing up in Taiwan and leaving everything behind to follow her dream in The United States. An experience not many of us have but can understand as we’ve moved on from various cults, religions, even jobs. She challenges me in a lot of ways in regards to understanding where others are coming from and allowing those differences to flourish with feeling like here own beliefs and desires are being intruded on.



      BONUS: You Spoke, We Listened: New Weekly Stuff 2018: Zac Gandara

      We’ve had a poll circulating for a while now, and you’ve been answering it letting us know what you would like to have added to our already stellar weekly line up. What that means is, we will continue to have our long-form story episodes releasing every Wednesday along with a new additional weekly episode called, MONDAY MELTDOWN, on a Tuesday.



      episode 123: EPISODE 123: The Annual Holiday Card Episode 2017: Zac and Jen Gandara

      Every year, Jen joins me on our Annual Holiday Card Episode! This year we get personal as always. What do we believe these days? Will we have kids? What’s going on in Therapy? How is the show funded? Why haven’t we done more live shows? Will we do more? Why doesn’t Zac want to talk about God? Religious and societal pressures around marriage, children, and parenting. What’s next for the podcast in 2018?



      episode 122: EPISODE 122: Family Pressure and Relationships: Yulin

      Yulin is a Taiwanese immigrant currently residing in Seattle, working as a model and retail fashion consultant. She's living with different standards and definitions than she grew up with and is redefining things in her life through new experiences. In this episode, she invites us into her journey.



      EPISODE 121: Finding Community After Religion: Brendan Gladney

      When you leave anything that you’ve given yourself to for any significant amount of time, it’s difficult. When you realize that all your relationships and community surrounded that thing, it’s excruciating. Brendan shares the difficulty of leaving a long-term community. What it was like for his marriage and his kids, and how they found new community organically.



      episode 120: EPISODE 120: Marriage After Religion and Bruce Lee's Finger: Brendan Gladney

      Brendan is a producer of the show, who knew me before church hierarchy and becoming a pastor. We’ve reconnected through the solidarity of leaving religion and have found common ground in working through our wounds with therapists to heal our lives, marriages, relationships, and so much more. Brendan's experiences, stories, and lessons he's learned will be helpful to every listener.



      episode 119: EPISODE 119: Giving Yourself Permission: Jesse Mercury

      So often in life, we’re waiting for some cosmic gatekeeper to give us permission to be who we want to be, do what we want to do. In this continuation episode with Jesse Mercury, we join Jesse’s journey of what it’s been like to break free from the gatekeepers and give himself permission to let his creative self-free.



      episode 118: EPISODE 118: Be What You Want to Be, Do What You Want to Do: Jesse Mercury

      What if life was a SciFi story? You come from the year 3000, born into a Jewish family in San Diego California, stricken with Lime Disease, you have some religious run-ins who banish you to hell, but you came out alive making your own way.