Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


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episode 98: EPISODE 098: There are Guides Along the Way: Josiah Ecker

The way of a guide. It's a passive way; it's a path in which we all head down when we follow our desires to be better and different humans.


 2017-06-20  1h11m

episode 97: EPISODE 097: Going From What I Don't Believe, To What I Do: Josiah Ecker

Josiah is a missionary kid with a psychology degree that's deconstructing his faith.


 2017-06-14  1h14m

episode 96: EPISODE 096: Jesus Wasn’t Very Christian: Kyle Reynolds

We leave the evangelical conversation for a few minutes as we roll through the gambit of the sickness of relationships, marriage, therapy, counseling, wonder, questioning, even ridiculous religious colloquialisms.


 2017-06-07  1h22m

episode 95: EPISODE 095: Leaving? Evangelicalism: Kyle Reynolds

I no longer call myself a Christian. As Kyle has, he no longer calls himself an Evangelical. In this episode, we talk about this as well as engaging into the inadequacy of defining truth, embracing other religions, and theological differences we hold.


 2017-05-31  1h15m

episode 94: EPISODE 094: The Contentment Rollercoaster Cycle: Victor Huckabee

A former pastor and a former Pentecostal gold dust revivalist sit down over drinks to discuss the roller coaster of life without religion.


 2017-05-24  1h10m

episode 93: EPISODE 093: The Pope Will Travel: Art, Life, and Living: Victor Huckabee

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifeti


 2017-05-17  55m

episode 92: EPISODE 092: Being Triggered!: Chad Weber

Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Goal setting, ambition, competition, self-help, growth strategies, Pentecostal, Charismatic Christianity, and gurus are all things that trigger me in a negative manner.


 2017-05-10  1h14m

episode 91: EPISODE 091: Power, Ego, and Conscience: Chad Weber

From Mixed Martial Arts, to goalsetting, to having vision, to not becoming a Type A jerk when given power.


 2017-05-03  1h4m

episode 90: EPISODE 090: Love: A Journey Away From Absolutes and Expectations: Christian Grindstaff

Where Love Comes From. We begin where we left off, and quickly move into our parents, raising kids, and the meat of letting go of absolutes and expectations.


 2017-04-25  57m

EPISODE 089: Where Does Love Come From?: Christian Grindstaff

Do our personal definitions of love cause us to put expectations on others? Why do we consistently see only our idea of love as the truth?


 2017-04-19  58m