Lost in Transition Triathlon Podcast

Lost in Transition is a triathlon podcast with tips, tricks, interviews and giveaways, hosted by Chris Gerard and Lana Burl.




      Purple Patch Fitness Coach Matt Dixon on the Fast-Track Triathlete

      We talked to Purple Patch Fitness founder and coach Matt Dixon about how busy triathletes can still have it all with a low-time training approach detailed in his brand-new book "Fast-Track Triathlete."

      Joining us was Purple Patch age-group athlete Joseph Hicks from Farragut, TN. Before starting with Matt, he weighed just 118 pounds and pushed intensity like crazy. Matt's coaching helped him add some functional weight and power to sustain time trial and climbing efforts on the bike...



      What To Do After Triathlon Season Ends

      This week, Lana Burl runs down some of the most common questions triathletes have about the "off" season. When you're training toward a goal race, your focus and the steps you need to take are usually well-defined, but after the last race of the year its easy to do too little, too much, or have no plan. 

      Some topics we talked about include: 

      What does a "structured" off season look like?  Should you try Crossfit? Does the easy/intensity split of 80/20 change over the wi...



      Former Pro Cyclist Phil Gaimon’s “Worst Retirement Ever”

      Late last year, Phil Gaimon made a decision. "I couldn't be the best at cycling, so I decided to be the worst at retirement."

      The "Worst Retirement Ever" has Phil chasing Strava KOMs around the U.S. and the world as he provides a real-world answer to "what if an actual cycling pro tried this segment and didn't hold back?"

      What started as an effort to displace a known doper from the top spot on the leaderboard for some iconic Los Angeles-area climbs became a popular YouTube...



      Flatline to Finish Line: IronHeart Foundation Founder David Watkins

      As he was being wheeled into a tricky open-heat surgery, David Watkins wondered about the legacy he would leave to his daughters if he didn't make it. Seventeen hours (and a full five minutes without a functional heart beat) later, he began a road to recovery that would take him to the start line of a half marathon six months later and to an Ironman 13 months post-surgery. 


      "The support from my family was amazing, but it also wasn't enough on its own," says Watkins, who s...



      Ideal Racing Weight with Matt Fitzgerald

      Talking with nutritionist, author and coach Matt Fitzgerald about finding your ideal racing weight. We covered topics from Matt's 2013 Book "Racing Weight" (2nd Ed.), as well as his thoughts on training and his observations on racing psychology in his most recent book "How Bad Do You Want It?" 

      Some Topics Covered: Standard dieting versus "performance weight management" The importance of diet quality versus traditional "calorie counting" How much priority should be placed on ...



      Jesse Thomas and the First-Year Pro Scholarship Program Winners

      Six-time Wildflower Triathlon winner and Aviator-sporting Jesse Thomas remembers what it was like as a new pro triathlete. Nobody really tells you what to do, where to go, or how to make it work. As a late-comer to the sport (started at 29), some might have considered him too old to be starting a career in a sport not known for throwing large sums of cash at its pro athletes.

      Combining some surprising early wins with an entrepreneurial streak and MBA know how, Jesse not only built...



      Ironman World Record Holder Tim Don

      Ironman Brazil in May 2017 may have only been British triathlete Tim Don's fifth full Ironman, but the racing savvy of twenty years as a professional, specialized training, favorable conditions, and a little bit of luck helped him take over four minutes off of the previous mark.  

      At 39 years old, Don is certainly not done setting a high bar. Any thoughts of retirement are couched in terms of "maybe three or four years from now." Right now, his focus is on the 70.3 World Ch...



      Junior Elite Triathlete Addison Smith

      When you start racing triathlon at the age where many kids are just learning to ride a bike, you certainly have a great head start. Addison Smith has been a fixture at races in East Tennessee for nearly a decade, and she's only 16! Over the past several years, she's climbed the ranks of USA Triathlon's Youth and Junior Elite programs and even finished third overall at USAT's Sprint National Championships in Omaha, NE last year (part of an all-Tennessean women's...



      Cannondale-Drapac Cycling Head of Medicine Kevin Sprouse

      Back for his third appearance on the Lost in Transition Podcast, fan-favorite Dr. Kevin Sprouse brings helpful info for age group athletes and provides a behind-the scenes look at life on the road with a UCI pro cycling team.

      Some topics covered include:

      The benefits of a 1-2 week mid-season break Post workout and post race recovery myths and facts Maintaining ideal rider race weight during the Tour de France Sleep hygiene during cycling grand tours How cycling teams eat during ...



      Triathlete Turned Marathon Swimmer Jamie Ann Phillips

      Jamie Ann Phillips started racing sprint triathlons back in 2009, and thanks triathlon's persistent peer pressure inspiration worked up to racing Ironman Florida in 2014.  A long-time recreational swimmer, Phillips was often first out of the water at local races, and specifically picked Ironman Florida over the hometown Ironman Chattanooga because of Florida's challenging swim versus the Chattanooga's downriver drift. 

      Unfortunately, the sea did not agree to her plan, and the swim w...