Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

A Digimon podcast comparing the English dub and the original Japanese version and various other things, such as Digimon Adventure: and the Digimon Adventure novelisation. Hosted by Digimon fanatic and veteran May and joined by various friends. Chosen Children, let's roll!


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h10m. Bisher sind 398 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 222: Episode 123 - Breakfast At Sayuri's

May and Jay would love to be invited to have breakfast egg curry cooked by Sayuri. May is excited by Miki and Megumi's grand appearance...


 2017-10-06  1h43m

episode 223: AppliEpisode 52 - They Did It

Ending a show, did they do it well? Did they not do it well? Of course they did it! You can check out our...


 2017-10-07  35m

episode 224: Episode 124 - Digimon Snap

May and Jay discuss how cool Masaru's Dad is, how stupid 80% of DATS is, and wonder where Yushima has...


 2017-10-13  2h11m

episode 225: AppliEpisode Overall - End Of The Digimon Universe

May and Jay sit down to talk about Digimon Universe Appli Monsters one last time... You can find the survey...


 2017-10-14  56m

episode 226: Digimon Manga Special 7 - Neo's OC Digimon Do Not Steal

May still loves the Alias III and Jay finds a redeeming quality about Digimon Frontier. Segments: ...


 2017-10-17  28m

episode 227: Episode 125 - Hakuna Kurata

May and Jay dive deep and get political as they both try to understand Kurata's motivations and...


 2017-10-20  2h12m

episode 228: Episode 126 - Crazy != Genius?

May makes far too many puns and really likes Panic! At the Disco and Jay is excited to meet JoJo's Bizzare Digimon...


 2017-10-27  2h8m

episode 229: Serial Episodes Lain 08 - Serial Experiments Lane

Happy Halloween! May and Jay sit down to discuss another episode of Serial Experiments Lain and May is happy because Alice is...


 2017-10-31  33m

episode 230: Episode 127 - The Royal Whats?

May and Jay talk about Digimon antagonists, how to upgrade your OS, and Rosemon's bum. Linkdump:...


 2017-11-03  1h45m

episode 231: Episode 128 - Plants Vs Blondies

May and Jay discuss why blond characters succumb to plant life and how to write villains well. We also discuss our experience...


 2017-11-10  2h17m