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Lou Reads: E/N Forums with Remix

Howdy! How’ve you been? Me? Oh, I can’t complain I reckon. Since we last spoke I’ve been recording some quick one-off recordings from the Something Awful forums for a thread I was participating. We were looking for the best E/N (Everything / Nothing) t...


 2009-04-29  3m

Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums

Hey, who doesn’t like sitting in a pool of what may or may not be human pee? Well if you’re a normal person then not you. If you answered yes then you probably already know about the PeeSearch forum which is a meeting place for those who practice the y...


 2009-04-26  10m

Mini-Lou Reads: Craigslist

Craigslist is a scary place. Its full of people selling things and themselves. But mostly it seems like its a place for creepy people to hook up. I saw this posting on a thread and had to read it for you. Its short and totally not safe for work.


 2009-04-25  0m

Lou Reads about Bad Restaurant Experiences

Chances are if you’ve eaten out at a restaurant you have had an awesome meal at least once. The kind of meal where everything comes together. Really delicious and not oversized appiteazer, savory main course and a lovely desert that you can share with ...


 2009-04-18  11m

Lou Reads about Animal Lovers & Fisting

Of course everyone loves animals. Maybe you like to pet a dog here and there. Perhaps you like to make a kissy noise to get a cats attention. Offer a finger for it to smell and rub affectionately. Yes thats so nice. Yeah… these people don’t like that.


 2009-04-12  11m

Lou Reads about Mean Siblings

Kids are mean. Siblings are even meaner. In this update I read stories from the Something Awful forums as the members discuss their encounters both on the receiving and giving ends of youthful cruelty. Siblings Are Mean


 2009-04-05  7m

Lou Reads about Peoples Bad Drug Experiences

whomever you are, you may be pro-drugs or against drugs but one thing everyone enjoys is a good story of a bad drug experience. Why? Because when someone tells you about a good drug experience you are either wishing you were them or too busy condeming ...


 2009-04-01  9m

Lou Reads about Salvia

I try not to be too informative but sometimes when you read something you just can’t help but learn or teach. Thats the case today. I really apologize if you happen to take something away from this listen. I mean it would really be awful if you exposed...


 2009-03-29  11m

 Lou reads about Adult Babies

For our second delightful reading for you I’d like to share the delights of the world of adult babies. Diaper Dreams is a forum which is for and about people who like baby-play. It’s pretty creepy to read about.


 2009-03-29  7m

Lou is Reading the Internet for You!

Hey there. My name is Lou. I’m hoping that you want to listen to something interesting today. Why? Well, because I have something interesting for you to listen to. Is it something you can listen to at work, on the train, in the car or anywhere really.


 2009-03-28  6m