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Let Beauty Speak (Principle #10: Culture) | S7E11 (final episode!)

As a society, we often reduce our idea of culture to cuisine, language, entertainment, or politics. Or we associate it solely with high culture, like art and literature. But in its most fundamental expression, culture is how we share life together. W...


 February 1, 2022  24m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #9: Mission) | S7E10

This week, Jimmy unpacks our ninth principle in the art of being human: MISSION. Each of us has a unique and unrepeatable calling in this life to spread the love of God to the ends of the earth (even if that simply means climbing down our own chimney...


 January 25, 2022  24m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #8: Suffering) | S7E9

This week, Jimmy dives into our eighth principle in the art of being human: SUFFERING. Suffering is never beautiful by itself, but when embraced with faith it becomes something powerful and redemptive. This principle is all about uniting our sufferin...


 January 18, 2022  18m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #7: Community) | S7E8

This week, Jimmy unpacks our seventh principle in the art of being human: COMMUNITY. No man is an island. We depend on our neighborhoods, workplaces, families, and churches to give us a sense of belonging and membership in life. Community builds off ...


 January 11, 2022  22m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #6: Work) | S7E7

On today's episode, Jimmy explains our sixth principle in the art of being human: WORK. To paraphrase St. John Henry Newman, God has committed some work to you which He has not committed to another. This principle is all about being faithful to your ...


 January 4, 2022  21m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #5: Leisure) | S7E6

This week, we're taking a deep dive into LEISURE, our fifth principle in the art of being human. It's not laziness or loafing or even just how we spend our free time. It's the deep interior stillness necessary for embracing reality rather than escapi...


 December 28, 2021  26m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #4: Prayer) | S7E5

In the words of St. Teresa of Avila, prayer is nothing less than being on terms of friendship with God. It's a lifting of our hearts towards Him who is the fulfillment of all our desires. This week, Jimmy introduces PRAYER as the fourth principle of ...


 December 21, 2021  30m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #3: Friendship) | S7E4

What does true friendship look like in a world as isolated as ours? How can friendships run deeper and aim higher, bringing out the best in us and empowering us to be great saints together? This week, Jimmy unpacks our third principle in the art of b...


 December 14, 2021  23m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #2: Freedom) | S7E3

How do you live with interior freedom in a world caught up in the slavery of sin? What role does virtue play in making you more human? This week, Jimmy unpacks our second principle in the art of being human: FREEDOM. We’re also days away from releasi...


 December 7, 2021  25m

Let Beauty Speak (Principle #1: Wonder) | S7E2

How do you reclaim your childlike imagination in a culture of noise? How do you cultivate the kind of humility that allows you stand in awe before the mysteries of life? This week, Jimmy unpacks the great gift of WONDER as the first principle in what...


 November 30, 2021  34m