Love Island: The Morning After

Well, we’ve had a long old break but The Morning After is BACK! Join Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free the morning after the night before, every Monday to Saturday on the only official Love Island podcast. Plus, you’ll hear from some of your favourite celebs in the crucial debrief of last night’s episode - it’s basically like a WhatsApp group that we’re all invited to! Crack on with the conversation on Twitter using @LoveIsland, #LoveIsland, #LoveIslandPodcast, or voice note us @pineappleaudioproduction and we might even use your comments in an episode. Produced by Pineapple Audio Production See you in the morning!

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S1 - Welcome to Love Island: The Morning After!

Love Island is back! Not only is the show kicking off on Monday 4th June on ITV2, there's also this brilliant podcast! Subscribe now and you'll get a daily, YES DAILY, update of all the goings on!


 2018-05-25  0m

S1 E1 - Too Soon to Spoon

Arielle Free and Kem Cetinay couple up to talk about last night's BRAND NEW episode of Love Island! From the Islanders' first impressions to learning how to pronounce Eyal, our Morning After hosts dissect the evening's cliff hanger and discuss your...


 2018-06-05  20m

S1 E2 - Muggled Off

Arielle Free and Kem Cetinay are going over the drama from the villa last night and they are feeling a bit sorry for Dr Alex. Kem thinks he's the new Piers Morgan and the pair also help us get to know the boys a bit better before delving into your...


 2018-06-06  22m

S1 E3 - Jealousy Mountain

Two new girls, a drinks reception and five very jealous originals! And on top of that one couple make their way onto the Bowled Over whiteboard! We’re now three episodes in, so get ready for Arielle Free and Kem Cetinay to share their thoughts on last...


 2018-06-07  17m

S1 E4 - Slimeballs and Melons

One of the most SAVAGE games of Truth or Dare that has ever been played stirs things up a treat! Last night was a VERY dramatic episode and Arielle Free and special guest Luke Kempner go through it all and don’t hold back with what they think. We also...


 2018-06-08  23m

S1 E5 - Unlike the Trees, Kendall Gets Cut Down

The re-coupling catches everyone off-guard when Eyal picks Hayley and Adam picks Rosie, leaving Kendall booking her Easyjet flight home. Is Adam a snake, or is he just following his heart's desire? Arielle Free and comedian Stephen Bailey get right...


 2018-06-09  24m

S1 E6 - Who Was Last Night's Double Downward Dog?

Arielle Free and Luke Franks talk Hayley vs Eyal and whether Wes right to blurt out what had been shared. Plus what we do we think of the new Islanders - who'll have the hots for who? And who was snogging at the end of the show? We also intercept...


 2018-06-11  19m

S1 E7 - A Recipe for Disaster: Honey, A Banana and Picnics

Straight from the Villa, Kendall joins Arielle and Kem on the Morning After to route through last night’s nine, that’s right, NINE dates. And where has Dr. Alex gone wrong so far? Well Arielle reckons the honey was a mistake for starters. Plus it...


 2018-06-12  24m

S1 E8 - Flappy Bum Time

Whilst Dr. Alex and Eyal battle for Megan’s affections, our very own Arielle and Kem are at war over puns. Adam’s well and truly found himself on the naughty step with not just Rosie, but all the lady-islanders. And the Queen of Love Island, Caroline...


 2018-06-13  22m

S1 E9 - "Smell My Beads"

Adam and Charlie try to help Alex with Megan, Hayley and Wes talk living arrangements (and nuclear power?) plus they all make a mess in a food challenge. Join Arielle Free and Kem Cetinay for the podcast you just can't get enough of.  The gang also...


 2018-06-14  20m