Love It or Weeb It! Anime Previews and Reviews

Two anime fans try out new series and decide whether each show is worth recommending to everyone or if it’s just for the worst of the weebs!

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episode 9: "The World Ends With You" Eps 1-3

It's time to join the Reapers' Game!



episode 8: "Super Cub" Eps 1-3

It's time to hit the road and learn about the powerful healing magic of our friends over at the beautiful, revolutionary, life-changing Honda Motor Company, Ltd. in this episdoe that apparently was not sponsored by Honda



episode 7: "Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro" Eps 1-3 with @NikFTime

We're joined by Nik to dive into the world of consensual(?) and cringe-inducing but also maybe surprisingly wholesome bullying fetishism?? It's Nagatoro time!



episode 6: "Pretty Boy Detective Club" Eps 1-3

(1) Be pretty. (2) Be a boy. (3) Be a detective. (4) Be weirdly pervy about objectifying middle school kids.


 2021-06-15  52m

episode 5: "Fairy Ranmaru" Eps 1-3

Never fall in love with the opposite sex. Never engage in a physical relationship with the opposite sex. Welcome to the Ten Gay Commandments.


 2021-06-02  40m

episode 4: "Those Snow White Notes" Eps 1-3

Time to join the Shamisen Appreciation Club!


 2021-05-28  41m

episode 3: "ODDTAXI" Eps 1-3

Have you ever ridden a taxi and thought — "what if this were super ODD?!"? Well, then, sorry, because this isn't the show for you.


 2021-05-25  40m

episode 2: "Backflip!!" Eps 1-3

It's time for everyone's favorite high school sports anime about a team represented by bird symbology as seen through the lense of an ambitious first-year protagonist — whose name is written with the character for "soar" and who didn't get to play at all in middle school — and his surly yet prodigious teammate with black hair voiced by Kaito Ishikawa!


 2021-05-18  49m

episode 1: "To Your Eternity" Eps 1-3

Happy feel-good anime time!


 2021-05-14  56m

Spring 2021 Lineup

It's time to draft the lineup of shows we're going to cover for the Spring 2021 anime season! ???? Let us know if we skipped over anything you want us to cover this season! ????


 2021-05-11  34m