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Podcast discussing a variety of great albums from the rock, jazz or folk genres in some depth. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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episode 149: Soundtrack of Oz: A Rock 'n' Roll Road Movie

The 1970s going into the early 1980s are generally regarded as a purple patch of Australian cinema – The Australian New Wave. Film makers had financial support. Audiences wanted to see their own backyard on the big screen (before bloody cultural cringe set in again). There were films that focused on T&A and machismo, there were a lot of period pieces, and there were tales of crime. The films weren't always successful, but there was a spirit about them that's still exciting...


 2021-08-21  2h2m

episode 148: 10th Anniversary Episode Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Love That Album 10 Year Anniversary extravaganza. If you missed the first part, I asked 7 previous co hosts to recommend some favourite albums recorded over the lifespan of the show. In part 1, I had the first four guests (Ian McFarlane, Jeff Jenkins, Eric Peterson and Heather Drain). The three remaining guests who will share the albums they treasure over the previous decade are: Billy Pinnell, host of the EON-FM / MMM-FM Album show and all round music guru...


 2021-07-24  1h48m

episode 147: 10th Anniversary Episode, Part 1

A decade ago (July 14, 2011 to be precise), I unleashed the first episode of Love That Album podcast on the world. Music journalist and massive Bruce Springsteen fan, Jeff Jenkins and I debated which was a better album from the Boss – The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle (me) or Darkness On The Edge of Town (Jeff). I'm pretty sure I won...... I had no idea what I was doing in regards to audio quality (I still don’t), editing or how the discussion would go...


 2021-07-14  2h18m

episode 146: Live Albums I Dig

Remember episode 133 of the show where I spoke with hosts of some of my favourite shows within the Pantheon Podcast Network about their favourite live albums? You don't? Go back and listen to that show....I'll wait. Welcome to episode 146 of Love That Album. So after that episode came out, no one at all asked me, “What are some of YOUR favourite live albums???” With the scheduled episode for this month being deferred to next year, now is the perfect time to answer that non-asked question...


 2021-06-27  52m

episode 145: Interview with Dan Warner and James Stewart of The Warner Brothers

Melbournians are a resilient lot. We had some of the harshest lockdowns anywhere in the world during 2020 (very necessarily – I won't argue with anyone on that point). Most of us got through it with good humour, grace, and countless Zoom meetings. One song kept going through my head the whole time – it should have become the Victorian state anthem....that song was “Stuck In Melbourne” by The Warner Brothers. Welcome to episode 145 of Love That Album...


 2021-05-27  1h13m

episode 144: Interview with Jeff Apter about "Behind Dark Eyes: The True Story of Jon English"

Growing up, before even becoming a fan of rock music, there was one name I knew very well – Jon English. He made a huge name for himself in the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar as Judas – Tim Rice may have declared him the finest performer of the role.


 2021-04-22  1h38m

episode 143: Interview with Sarah Carroll about "Live At The Continental" and "Star Parade"

“Good evening, everybody. “Give a round of applause for the bar staff” These could be expressions you might hear from any musician in any bar around the world....but there was only one musician in the world who'd utter these AND the following.... “Let's hear it for Shane O' Fucking Mara, everybody” That musician is Chris Wilson. Welcome to episode 143 of Love That Album podcast. Chris was a hometown hero in Melbourne....he deserved to be revered around the world...


 2021-03-24  1h19m

episode 142: Michael Nesmith and the First National Band "Magnetic South"

So many musicians have become popular based on one thing the caught the public's imagination. Daring to try something different artistically could be a “bad career move”. Of course, some musicians might have been “hiding in plain sight” with their real artistic ambitions all along. Welcome to episode 142 of Love That Album, the first episode for 2021...


 2021-02-23  1h47m

episode 141: Sound As Ever: Australian Indie 1990 – 1999

Love That Album Podcast Episode 141 - Sound As Ever: Australian Indie 1990 – 1999 The 1990s were musically diverse, but are often recalled as the moment that the so-called Seattle sound kicked down your door and got you to include its flannel shirt in your next wash. Gone were the horrible Linn drums of the, bass and drums were back. What was previously “alternative” now forced its way into the mainstream. Welcome to episode 141 of Love That Album Podcast...


 2020-12-30  1h49m

episode 140: Genesis "Duke"

Do you like Patrick Bateman? We're not actually here to discuss American Psycho, so the point is probably moot. We ARE here, however to discuss Bateman's favourite band outside of Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis. Welcome to episode 140 of Love That Album. Popular myth suggests that the world is broken up into two sorts of people – those who like their rock music straight forward and edgy, and those who like virtuoso noodling with complex counterpoint and time signatures...


 2020-11-28  1h48m