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Podcast discussing a variety of great albums from the rock, jazz or folk genres in some depth. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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episode 171: Ben Folds "Rockin' The Suburbs"

Maurice is joined by Ben Eisen and Shannon Hurley of the All Time Top Ten Podcast to discuss Ben Folds' 2001 album, Rockin' The Suburbs,



episode 170: Suzanne Vega "99.9F"

Maurice is joined by author Lisa Torem and Eric Senich of Booked on Rock Podcast to discuss Suzanne Vega's 1992 album, 99.9F.


 2023-10-19  2h2m

episode 169: Interview with Pauline Bailey, author of Blues Portrait – A Profile of the Australian Blues Scene

Maurice is joined by author Pauline Bailey to talk about her series of books devoted to the Australian blues scene and its history.


 2023-09-23  57m

episode 168: Interview with David Hepworth about “The Inside Story of the World’s Most Famous Recording Studio”

Maurice speaks with author David Hepworth about the history of EMI Recording Studios at 3 Abbey Road, London.


 2023-07-17  1h18m

episode 167: Bert Jansch "Rosemary Lane" and "L.A. Turnaround"

Maurice and Shane discuss UK folk music as contemporary vs traditional, and how Bert Jansch was pivotal in making it modern. They look at the albums Rosemary Lane and L.A. Turnaround.


 2023-06-21  1h48m

episode 166: Interview with Don Walker

Maurice gets to speak with songwriter for Cold Chisel, Catfish, Tex Don and Charlie and The Suave Fucks, Don Walker.


 2023-05-21  1h1m

episode 165: The Easybeats "Absolute Anthology 1965 to 1969"

Easybeats April continues at LTA HQ. Welcome to episode 165 of Love That Album. On the last episode, I spoke with author Jeff Apter about his book Friday On My Mind: The Life of George Young. His book looks at Young as musician with The Easybeats, and Young as songwriter and producer for Alberts Productions after the band broke up. This time around, I am joined by host of Let It Roll podcast, “Kid” Nathan Wilcox to discuss the actual music of The Easybeats...


 2023-04-24  2h48m

episode 164: Interview with Jeff Apter about "Friday On My Mind: The Life of George Young"

Part 1 of a two-part Vanda and Young / Easybeats related special. I speak with biographer, Jeff Apter about the life of George Young.


 2023-04-16  1h7m

episode 163: The Go Betweens "16 Lovers Lane"

There was a time where Australian bands felt that the only way they were going to get noticed was to leave the country and head to London. Sometimes, this would translate to great popularity ...and sometimes, it meant bands would live under difficult financial circumstances while their music was not in danger of bothering the top 40. Welcome to episode 163 of Love That Album...


 2023-03-20  1h44m

episode 162: Pete Townshend "White City: A Novel"

The 1980s have often been derided musically. The truth is there was interesting stuff happening that we've conveniently forgotten. An interesting question is how the 80s treated musicians considered important in the 60s. How did they adapt with the technology and change in direction for songwriting? Once again, there are some who handled it better than others. Dylan started and finished the decade well, but.......


 2023-02-08  2h2m