Love Your Work

Jason Fried (on episode #1) said: "I think your show has a lot of have really good, deep questions and original questions." On Love Your Work, now with over half a MILLION downloads, best-selling author David Kadavy interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, as well as experts who can help you be more fulfilled in life and work. Guests include David Allen (ep. 85), James Altucher (ep. 53), Dan Ariely (ep. 51), Seth Godin (ep. 77), Ryan Holiday (ep. 31), and Laura Roeder (ep. 9).



      episode 148: Prompt Talking: One Simple Trick for Irresistible Communication

      There's something I've noticed that very successful communicators do. It's a very simple tactic, but it can go a long way in making everything you say or write more engaging, more memorable, and more effective. I'll tell you about it – this thing...



      episode 147: Jason Fried: It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work

      You hear it all of the time. Maybe you even say it yourself: It's "crazy" at work. There are unrealistic deadlines, demanding bosses, and wall-to-wall meetings. Jason Fried (@jasonfried) believes it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, he'll tell you...



      episode 146: Reverse-Engineering "Black Swan" Marketing Growth

      When you're marketing your business, it's easy to gravitate toward sure bets. Things you can do and be assured of a positive outcome. But these sure bets can cause you to miss out on asymmetric opportunities: Things that take a small amount of...



      episode 145: Tynan: The Asymmetry of the Insane

      Sometimes an idea pops into your head, and you think to yourself, "nah, that's insane!" Then you move on with living your regular life. We all have these ideas. Sometimes we don't even notice them. In The Heart to Start, I called the source of these...



      episode 144: Walk Through Fire.

      What does it really take to "make it" as a creative entrepreneur? I often have people asking me for ideas on strategies for how to smoothly transition from their day jobs to making their art for a living. Is it possible? What do you have to do? I...



      episode 143: Double Down or Shut Down? Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

      Nathan Barry (@nathanbarry) knows better than anyone: Sometimes, you're working hard on something, and it's just not happening. How do you decide whether to double down, or shut down? This is what Nathan was asking himself two years after launching...


       2018-09-13  59m

      episode 142: Aspiration Procrastination, Self-Discrepancy Theory, & How to Take Action on Your Dreams

      It's no surprise that we procrastinate on things that we don't want to do. But why do we procrastinate on things we do want to do?: Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I call it aspiration procrastination, and there's a fascinating theory from...


       2018-09-06  14m

      episode 141: Stone Temple Pilots' Manager: Blockchain Will Reinvent the Music Industry. Steve Stewart of Vezt.

      Steve Stewart was manager of the band Stone Temple Pilots. He guided them from being an unknown funk band to a multi-platinum powerhouse whose sound is synonymous with 90's grunge. With Steve by STP's side, they sold over 25 million records, for...


       2018-08-30  57m

      episode 140: Grow your passion. Don't "find" it.

      You've heard the advice to find your passion. You've probably also heard the advice that finding your passion is bad advice. But if you shouldn't "find" your passion, what should you do? Isn't passion important? New research tells us exactly what is...


       2018-08-23  8m

      episode 139: Brave: The Browser That Will Pay You. Jonathan Sampson of Brave.

      Brave is a new browser that's reinventing the attention economy. Brave does block ads, but it's not just an ad blocker. It also blocks scripts that slow down your browsing experience, invade your privacy, and leave you vulnerable to hackers. Since...


       2018-08-16  48m