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Reconnect with the most powerful fuel of all – the fuel of loving your work. Best-selling author and award-winning designer David Kadavy helps you make it as a creative entrepreneur. Find your creative voice, cultivate the mindset you need to succeed, and be the first to capitalize on new opportunities to make a living making your art. Every Thursday, David presents either a guest or his own learnings from his decade-plus career as a creative entrepreneur. Hear from titans of industry like former AOL CEO Steve Case. Hear from best-selling authors like Seth Godin and James Altucher. Hear from scientists, creators from dancers to a chef to a Hollywood set designer, and visionaries on the cutting edge of creative monetization – whether that's self publishing or blockchain technology. Find out why Wall Street Journal best-selling author Jeff Goins says, "David is an underrated writer and thinker. In an age of instant publication, he puts time, effort and great thought into the content and work he shares with the world." Find out why Basecamp CEO Jason Fried says David has "really good, deep questions, and original questions...

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episode 208: Best of: See you next year. Here's why.

Here’s an essay from a few years ago. It helps explain why David likes to step back from his work during the final weeks of the year. Puny humans. Also, for the first time ever, hear David Kadavy's voice double, created using Descript's "Overdub"....



episode 207: Best of: In Memory of Sean Stephenson

I decided last December that I would be taking this December off. I like to give myself some space toward the end of the year so I can recharge, and come into the New Year with a fresh perspective. So, I’m reaching into the vault of more than 200...



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I'm approaching my two-year anniversary since the launch of my first self-published book. I figure it's time to celebrate. For a very short time, I am discounting the crap out of all of my self-published books. As someone who follows my work, I wanted...



episode 206: Yes, Your Cell Phone Can Make You Sick

In the 1840’s Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis noticed a pattern. He noticed that too many new mothers were dying of a fever. And it didn’t seem like a coincidence to him that many of these women who were dying shortly after childbirth had something in...



episode 205: Mark Manson: Finding Hope When Everything is F*cked

On July 4th of this year, I was finally hitting my stride. After a year of visa troubles, I had secured a three-year visa. I was finally back in the writing rhythm I had been in before my visa troubles started. Things had been fucked, and they had...



episode 204: Don't Sleep in Your Kitchen. Don't Meditate With Your Phone.

You are what you surround yourself with. When your environment changes, your mind changes with it. We recently talked about how your environment can put you in a creative mental state, when we talked to Donald M. Rattner, on episode 201. But what...



episode 203: Dan Ariely: Gamble With Your Time. Make Amazing Decisions.

Dan Ariely (@danariely) has more opportunities than he knows what to do with. As a James B. Duke professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and author of New York Times best-selling books, such as Predictably Irrational, he...


 2019-11-07  55m

episode 202: My Income Report (Patreon Preview)

Over the past four years, I’ve been trying to “make it” as a creator. Yes, I was on my own for another eight years before that, but this past four years has been when I really doubled down on creating. To make the things I create not just a...


 2019-10-31  43m

NOTE: Blog 2 BLING! Open This Week Only

  Most online business advice I’ve seen assumes that you have perfect motivation. If you follow these steps, you’ll get this result. Well, I for one am terrible at following steps or instructions. From the first day I started on my own over...


 2019-10-28  3m

episode 201: Change Your Space, Change Your Mind: Architect Donald M. Rattner

Donald M. Rattner (@donaldrattner) is an architect, and author of My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation. I’ve talked a lot on this podcast about matching your work to your mental state. If you’re in the...


 2019-10-24  54m