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Jason Fried (on episode #1) said: "I think your show has a lot of have really good, deep questions and original questions." On Love Your Work, now with over half a MILLION downloads, best-selling author David Kadavy interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, as well as experts who can help you be more fulfilled in life and work. Guests include David Allen (ep. 85), James Altucher (ep. 53), Dan Ariely (ep. 51), Seth Godin (ep. 77), Ryan Holiday (ep. 31), and Laura Roeder (ep. 9).



      episode 138: Things Don't Go As Planned. That *Is* the Plan.

      Sometimes things don't go as planned. Just ask me, as I'm on my temporary exile in Peru right now, since having my Colombian visa rejected. If we can’t plan something in our morning, if we can’t plan something when we visit a website, then where...



      episode 137: Privacy. Why Does it Matter to Creative Entrepreneurs? BJ Mendelson

      BJ Mendelson (@bjmendelson) is author of Privacy: And How to Get it Back. One of the key themes we've been exploring on Love Your Work over the past three years has been just how it is that creators get paid. This was certainly top of my mind when I...



      episode 136: Master The Art of Staying in

      Socializing is good. But socializing as a default — out of some Fear Of Missing Out — is not good. If you can find the discipline to pursue your work, while others are just killing time, you will have mastered The Art of Staying In. The...



      episode 135: Adam Conover from "Adam Ruins Everything" on Creative Mindset in Comedy

      Adam Conover (@adamconover) had good things going for him. He had just graduated from college, and his sketch comedy group was a hit. So many people were watching their videos! This was before YouTube, so they kept on having to find new places to host...



      episode 134: 24 Things I Learned Publishing 3 Books in Only 6 Months

      After publishing my first book, it took me six years to publish my second book. After publishing my second book, it took me only six months to publish my fourth book. I published three books in the past six months, and I learned a ton along the way....


       2018-07-12  20m

      episode 133: Make Art That Sells: Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration

      Phil Thompson (@Cape_Horn_CHI) is the illustrator and business mind behind Cape Horn Illustration, which sells Chicago wall art. Today we have a great discussion on making art that sells. Phil's portfolio of products includes maps of microbreweries in...


       2018-07-05  1h26m

      episode 132: Stay in Bed & Have Your Best Ideas Ever

      You heard me talk last week about morning routines, with the co-author of My Morning Routine, Benjamin Spall. I have a new morning routine I've been practicing this year, and it's been giving me some of my best ideas yet. The amazing part is I'm able...


       2018-06-28  10m

      NOTE: Book Giveaway & Facebook Live

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       2018-06-26  5m

      episode 131: Build Your Morning Routine. Benjamin Spall, Author of "My Morning Routine"

      Benjamin Spall is co-author of the new book, My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. He and his co-author have interviewed 300 successful people from business, fitness, and the arts. People like Biz Stone, Arianna...


       2018-06-21  52m

      episode 130: How to Prioritize? Listen to Your Body.

      Clear prioritization inspires clear action. But how do you decide what's the most important todo item to tackle first? For me, I like to listen to my body. It's the subject of this week's essay.     Sponsors...


       2018-06-14  8m