Low Culture Boil

Hosted by Rax King, Courtney Rawlings, and Amber Rollo, three broads whose enthusiasm for trash culture can only occasionally be reeled in by dad-producer Jake Aron ✨ If you've ever asked yourself "would Susan Sontag have enjoyed 'Jersey Shore'," or if you don't know how to read and at this point you know it's too late to ask, this is the podcast for you!


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E 12 - Depths of a Sloar Pt 1 w/ Matt Christman and Daniel Bessner

Matt Christman and Daniel Bessner take the LCB crew into the world of the original Ghostbusters and speculate on its upcoming reboot. What do the films say about Reaganism? Hedonism? Mass consumption of corn and hot dogs? Check out their article...


 2021-02-23  54m

Bonus 11 - The Qspiracy of Pro Fighting (PREVIEW)

Piggybacking off our pro wrestling episode with Street Fight Radio, Courtney takes the LCB crew into a the strange connections between pro fighting and QAnon as presented in Oliver Lee Bateman's article for Mel Magazine. Become a patron today!...


 2021-02-18  1m

E11 - Pump and Dump w/ Ashley Ray-Harris

Ashley Ray-Harris, the shaman of reality TV, joins Rax and Courtney to give LCB a primer on the vast universe of "90 Day Fiancé", including a rundown of its dizzying number of spinoffs, standout couples, and how it's reflected our culture pre- and...


 2021-02-16  1h23m

Bonus 10 - Royal Rumble w/ Street Fight Radio (PREVIEW)

Street Fight Radio joins the LCB gals to reminisce on the guts, glory, and gore of WWE's Attitude Era. Drawing from documentary "Beyond the Mat", Rax, Courtney, and the boys explore the finer points of Mick Foley, the Rock, and the labor practices...


 2021-02-11  2m

E10 - Club Neg

Rax and Courtney head into enemy territory after reading Mystery's "The Pickup Artist", a detailed guide on how to make women feel awkward and shitty. Learn the lingo ("kino", "copulins"), the lines ("You know Elvis dyed his hair black?"), and the...


 2021-02-09  1h22m

Bonus 9 - When Actors Sing (PREVIEW)

In a special showcase hosted by Producer Jake, the LCB crew takes a look at some of the highs and lows in the genre of thespians who turn crooners. What is a vanity project? How does the Disney Channel produce so many wunderkinderʔ Did the Hoff end...


 2021-02-04  2m

E9 - Keeping Up With the Osbournes

Comedian and author Amber Rollo sinks her low culture fangs into the pod today to talk some bat-munching family fun. The Osbournes gave viewers a reality TV experience that was unprecedented, and the LCB crew is very much here for the chaos, cussing,...


 2021-02-02  1h17m

Bonus 8 - Gossip Girl Season 1 w/ Maya Kosoff (PREVIEW)

Rax, Courtney, and special guest Maya Kosoff dive into the New York of the Van Der Woodsens and the Waldorfs, where Williamsburg is for dirty poors and is actually Tribeca, where high schoolers gulp down designer cocktails midday, and where flip...


 2021-01-28  1m

E8 - Lap Dogs of Luxury

In this week's freebie, the gals investigate the world of tiny dogs and many of their (presumably miserable) existence as a living accessory! From Ancient China to the Valley, our furry friends have made the long journey in a tote bag, beckoning the...


 2021-01-26  58m

Bonus 7 - Preppers Pt 2 (Preview)

Rax, Courtney, and Jake wrap up the finer points of prepping. What exactly is a "Schumer"? How did survivalists go from environmentalists to Ruby Ridge? Why does charity suck? Become a patron today to help the LCB crew stock up on canned sardines!...


 2021-01-21  1m