Low Culture Boil

Hosted by Rax King, Courtney Rawlings, and Amber Rollo, three broads whose enthusiasm for trash culture can only occasionally be reeled in by dad-producer Jake Aron ✨ If you've ever asked yourself "would Susan Sontag have enjoyed 'Jersey Shore'," or if you don't know how to read and at this point you know it's too late to ask, this is the podcast for you!


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E6 - Caligula's Moral Holocaust (Pt 1)

The crew endured 2 1/2 maddening hours of Caligula, the 1979 epic porn travesty. Examining the figures and bizarre circumstances behind what could have been glorious in competent hands, the gals and Jake try to find any redeeming elements of camp,...


 2021-01-12  1h4m

Bonus 5 - Preppers Pt 1 (Preview)

Are YOU ready for TEOTWAWKI? Do you have your GOOD plan? Are you a Schumer, or a man? The gals go into the world of prepping via James Wesley Rawles' list-laden masterpiece "How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It" and answer the question:...


 2021-01-07  2m

E5 - Strength and Courage in a Wonderbra

The Spice Girls' 1997 masterpiece is this week's low culture deep dive. One simply isn't ready for the cameos, the convoluted plot, or the utter technical incompetence of this piece of postmodern glory. Keep this garbage flowing by subscribing to our...


 2021-01-05  1h14m

Bonus 4 - Raytheon Pot Pie (Preview)

This is a preview of this week's bonus episode. To subscribe, head over to patreon.com/lowcultureboil and pay pay pay!!! Their mothers warned them not to stand too close to the radioactive oven, but the Low Culture Boilers are drawn like Odysseus to...


 2020-12-31  3m

E4 - Lisa Frank

The Proprietary Queen of Back to School


 2020-12-29  1h6m

Bonus 3 - Playboy Pt 2 (Preview)

The gals work through the final years of Playboy, particularly the cultural moment that is "The Girls Next Door", Playboy's early aughts attempt to stay relevant which only ended up shining a bright light on the decaying empire. What drove all these...


 2020-12-24  0m

E3 - Playboy Pt 1

Def for Hef, Not for Thot


 2020-12-22  1h2m

Bonus 2 - Flay Queen Flay (PREVIEW)

In this week's bonus episode, Rax and Courtney muse on the phenomenon of Bobby Flay, his non-charisma, how he fits into the machismo celebrity chef world, and freckle reduction surgery. Subscribe to our Patreon today for access to this and more bonus...


 2020-12-17  2m

E2 - Carnival Cruising

Rax n Courtney salute the fine fleet of Carnival Cruises, home to 8 daily meals, windowless (and relatively affordable) prison cells, and the multi-sensory "Thrill Theater". Why even go to the hotel when you can spend your whole vacation in transit?


 2020-12-15  59m

E1 - Welcome to the Cheesecake Factory

In our pilot episode, Rax & Courtney dig into the joy & pain of dining at the Cheesecake Factory, its unique architecture, conditions for the workers, and more! Subscribe to our Patreon for a bonus episode wherein the girls open their third...


 2020-12-08  1h8m