Welcome to Ludology, an analytical discussion of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather than news and reviews, Ludology explores a variety of topics about games from a wider lens, and discusses game history, game design and game players. Ludology is part of The Dice Tower Network, the premier board game media network.

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Ludology 226 - Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

Emma and Gil welcome Dr. Mary Flanagan, designer of , , , , and plethora of other games in a myriad of styles and platforms, from party to strategy on digital in tabletop. Dr. Flanagan is also an artist, having exhibited works (many game-related) all...



Biography of a Board Game 225.5 - Mousetrap

Join Scott as he recounts the history of the game that blurred the line between a game and a toy: Mousetrap.  Bibliography of a Board Game for Mouse Trap It’s All a Game by Tristan Donovan A World Without Reality: Inside Marvin Glass’s Toy...



Ludology 225 - A Study in Emma-rald

Today, we put Emma in the spotlight to find out what went into designing her newest game, , how many cards she actually designed for it, and how the game was almost derailed by an Infinite Potato Problem. SHOW NOTES 5m44s: and the marvelous...



GameTek Classic 224.5 - Game Balance and AI

Geoff ruminates on the limitations of using AI to balance games. Why can't we use machine learning to fully balance a game experience, and finally make a game that everyone on BGG will find perfectly fair on the first play? SHOW NOTES 1m17s: For more...



Ludology 224 - Putting the Fun in Funko

Emma and Gil sit down with Chris Rowlands of Funko Games to discuss the design of IP-based games, and what it's like to design as part of a group collective. SHOW NOTES 0m00s: Playtest safely online with  and ! 4m11s: is one of the...



Biography of a Board Game 223.5 - The Game of Life

Scott goes into the checkered history of , which has had many inspirations and incarnations, and is still going strong.  (Content warning: this episode contains quick, passing references to sex and suicide.) 0m00s: Join and remote playtesting...


 2020-04-26  17m

Ludology 223 - Kick Out the Jams

Emma and Gil welcome Anya Combs and Luke Crane from Kickstarter to discuss how crowdfunding is changing, especially in light of recent events. Anya:,, @anyayna Luke: @burning_luke, Note that...


 2020-04-19  1h3m

Ludology 222.5 - Alpha Zero, Part 2

Geoff continues the discussion about Alpha Zero, this time pointing out the impact a self-learning AI can have on an established tournament meta, like Magic or Hearthstone. Show Notes: 0m47s: , the DeepMind AI that can beat humans at 57 different...


 2020-04-12  6m

Ludology 222 - Johnny Fairplay

Emma and Gil welcome accomplished designer , designer of , , and , back to the show (Cole previously appeared on ). We discuss fairness in games. Has it been around for as long as we think it has? What can an "unfair" game do that other games can't?...


 2020-04-05  1h13m

Biography of a Board Game 221.5 - The Game of the Goose

In today's Biography of a Board Game, Scott takes us through the long history of , which became a template for almost every roll-and-move game into Victorian times and beyond. Show notes: 1m49s:   2m04s: 2m24s: , also known as the Phaistos...


 2020-03-29  8m