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Ludology 248 - Solo-liloquy

Emma and Gil sit down with Carla Kopp of and Galactic Raptor Games to discuss designing solo modes for games, the merits of "bots" in solo games, and how these bots tend to be named "Steve." SHOW NOTES 2m00s: Carla's first published game . 4m53s: We...



GameTek 247.5 - Mana

Geoff talks about how games benefit when designers use familiar terms to describe familiar concepts. He also dives into the term "mana," tracing it back to its indigenous origins, and explains how it became a popular gaming term to track how much...



Ludology 247 - Orc-kay Computer

Emma and Gil sit down with James Mendez Hodes to discuss his work as a cultural consultant, and the series of "" he wrote describing how the depiction of orcs in fantasy games can bring up problematic real-world stereotypes. CONTENT WARNING: This...



Biography of a Board Game 246.5 - Quarriors

Scott describes the history of , which became the base system for both the and games, among other licenses.  BIBLIOGRAPHY OF A BOARD GAME Tabletop Gaming Magazine issue 3 “The Making of Marvel Dice Masters” by Owen Duffy - episode 13



Ludology 246 - Cornering the Market

Emma, Gil, and Scott have a roundtable discussion in which they discuss the three sales channels, or markets, your board game can be available in: hobby, specialty, and mass. What are the differences between them, and how can a game move from one to...



GameTek Classic 245.5 - Leadership

Geoff looks at a recent study that attempted to find a correlation between participants' actions in a game and how they would score in a survey of leadership skills. How can a game tell us whether a person is more or less likely to prefer to lead a group?


 2021-03-14  6m

Ludology 245 - Play It Again Games

Emma and Gil welcome Emerson Matsuuchi back to the show to discuss his experience designing the , and what it's like designing 3 "mixable" games. SHOW NOTES 0m37s: We last heard Emerson as a guest on . 1m01s: In addition to the Century series, Emerson...


 2021-03-07  1h3m

Biography of a Board Game 244.5 - Alien Frontiers

Scott delves into the history of the first big board game success on Kickstarter: Tory Niemann's Alien Frontiers. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF A BOARD GAME TEXT: AUDIO:


 2021-02-28  11m

Ludology 244 - Games Brought to Life

Emma and Gil chat with Jeeyon Shim, game designer, nature fan, and mushroom enthusiast. Jeeyon's games are about connecting with one's environment, and we discuss what it's like to make games like this. We also discuss playtesting (or not playtesting)...


 2021-02-21  1h31m

GameTek Classic 243.5 - Beacons

Geoff considers a classic problem: how do two parties in two different locations agree on a random number result, like a die roll? We cover the clever solution wargamers worked out, as well as an ultra-modern approach.


 2021-02-14  6m