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Learn about getting the most from your Apple technology with focused topics and workflow guests. Creating Mac Power Users, one geek at a time since 2009. Hosted by David Sparks and Stephen Hackett.

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Mac Power Users 11: Services and Macworld 2010

This episode provides an introduction to automation. Subjects include Applescript, Automator, and Snow Leopard Services. We also had Macworld Expo Director Paul Kent on to talk about Macworld Expo and Conference 2010.


 2009-09-29  1h10m

Mac Power Users 10: Mac Security

This episode includes a survey of security issues for Mac owners. Subjects include virus and trojans, phishing and web security, and physical security and insurance.


 2009-09-14  1h25m

Mac Power Users 9: Getting Ready for Snow Leopard

We know, we were supposed to do a show about security this week. But with all the news coming out about Snow Leopard we just couldn’t help ourselves. In this episode we talk about how to get your Mac ready for Snow Leopard and our tips for a smooth instal


 2009-08-17  32m

Mac Power Users 8: Backup!

In this episode, David and Katie discuss backup tools, strategies and plans.


 2009-08-10  36m

Mac Power Users 7: LaunchBar Blackbelt

In this episode we cover popular application launcher, LaunchBar. This episode goes beyond the basics and includes are several power user tips. We recommend you listen to this one in front of a Mac equipped with LaunchBar. Enjoy.


 2009-07-26  1h9m

Mac Power Users 6: Setting Up A New Mac

In this episode we talk all about setting up a new Mac. Do you want to migrate your data or start from scratch? What are the options for getting your old data on your new Mac? Katie and David explore the options and share their tips and tricks.


 2009-07-10  34m

Mac Power Users 5: Word Processing and Writing

Episode five takes on word processing and writing on your Mac. It is no longer all about Microsoft Word. Apple's own Pages is becoming a contender and there are several other tools that will help you write better.


 2009-06-28  1h17m

Mac Power Users 4: Staying in Sync

In our fourth episode we talk about a subject that plagues many Mac users, keeping thing in sync. Whether you’re trying to sync documents or data to another computer, a mobile device, or the cloud we talk about various products and services to allow you t


 2009-06-04  31m

Mac Power Users 3: Going Paperless

In this episode, we discuss all the steps necessary to take your piles of paper and get it into your Mac and organized.


 2009-05-23  1h33m

Mac Power Users 2: All About E-Mail (Part 2)

In part 2 of our E-mail series we  go in-depth on our various systems for managing email, the pros and cons of each system, developing a good email work flow, learning how avoid becoming a slave to your inbox, email etiquette and other useful tools.


 2009-05-12  22m